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30th March 2008

Dream Theater Look East

Western eyes may increasingly be turning Eastwards nowadays, but we still love it when anime makes that crossover into Western media.  Leading progressive metallers Dream Theater have recruited one of Japan's biggest anime studios to make the video for their latest song, Forsaken.  The video was directed by Yasufumi Soejima, who has previously worked on leading Gonzo titles like Last Exile, Final Fantasy Unlimited and Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo.

Dream Theater based ‘Forsaken’ on Ivan Turgenev's "Phantoms" tale about an enigmatic woman who haunts a man as he travels the world.  However, instead of the original 19th century setting, the band agreed with Soejima's decision to adapt this to a futuristic sci-fi setting.  Soejima describes the video's male character as an innocent man abandoned and jailed by an "inhumane world."  The female character - detailed in the original story as "an apparition, a restless soul, an evil spirit, a sylphide, a vampire" - is "an android that was made as the toy of [an] ancient regime."

Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci said “I always knew that an animated adaptation would be the perfect avenue to colourfully illustrate this horror story.  Working with the director and choosing Japanese style anime as the artistic medium was an incredible opportunity.  From the modern interpretation to the character development, storyboards and finally the animation, it was a unique and exciting experience to be a part of.  I’m really happy to see the song come to life and I think people will enjoy this entirely new and unique perspective that was created for ‘Forsaken’.”

Watch the video online at: http://media.roadrunnerworld.com/DreamTheater/DreamTheater_Forsaken_450.wmv.

For more info on Dream Theater visit: http://www.roadrunnerrecords.co.uk/artist/Dream+Theater or www.myspace.com/dreamtheater.

The digital EP ‘Forsaken’ is out now, and is available from iTunes and other digital retailers.

Source: Roadrunner Records

30th March 2008

Yet More New Stuff!

Our latest batch of Reviews are now online, please click on the links below to read them!

D.Gray-Man vol 1 - Manga Review
Gentleman's Alliance Cross vol 2 - Manga Review
Nana vol 1 - Manga Review
Naruto vol 28 - Manga Review

Source: Animetion

30th March 2008

Out Tomorrow!

Nice to see ADV back on the schedules with the release of the latest in the Guyver series, but other than the latest Ghost in the Shell film it's boxsets all the way.  Beez are on hand with a special premium Gundam Seed boxset, alongside boxset versions of Scryed and Stratos 4, and the month is rounded off with the latest Naruto DVD!

Ghost in the Shell - The Laughing Man (Manga)
Guyver the Bioboosted Armour vol 5 (ADV)
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Complete Collection 1 (Beez)
Naruto Unleashed Series 3 Part 1 (Manga)
Scryed Complete Collection Box Set (Beez)
Stratos 4 Complete Collection Box Set (Beez)

Source: Various

24th March 2008

More New Stuff!

Our Easter work blast continues today with some new reviews and the launch of a brand new section dedicated to Chobits!  Please click the links below to see the new additions:

Chobits Section

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - The Laughing Man - Anime Review
Naruto: The Lost Story - Anime Review
Negima Messenger Bag - Merchandise Review

Source: Animetion

23rd March 2008

New Stuff!

We've been busy this Easter!  We've done a sweep of our Links and Retailers sections to make sure everything is up to date, and to add a host of new Retailers and sites.  Please click on the links in the header bar to check them out.

We've also added a few new reviews, please click on the following links to read:

The Gentleman's Alliance Cross vol 1 - Manga Review
Shining Wind Trading Figures - Merchandise Review
Hell Girl vol 1 - Anime Review
Neon Genesis Evangelion Portraits 4 - Merchandise Review

More stuff will follow shortly, so keep your eyes open!

Source: Animetion

12th March 2008

ADV Press Releases

ADV Films have sent us through the first Press Releases of their new era!  Click on the links below for their two releases out on Monday 17th March:

Final Fantasy Unlimited Complete Collection
Shadow Skill vol 6 - Emergence of the Beast

Source: ADV Films/LDMS

12th March 2008

The Return of ADV!

After the uncertainty of the ADV restructuring which saw the company's UK operations transferred to Lace Digital Media Sales, ADV's UK releases are back on the schedules.  “It’s business as usual for ADV Film’s titles in the UK,” said Andy Lyon, Sales Director at Lace Digital Media Sales.  “The delay was regrettable, but unavoidable as part of the operational transition.  LDMS are happy to announce stock of all titles is in circulation again as before.”

“It is our great pleasure to be able to build upon all the hard work we’ve done for ADV Films over the past five years, by expanding our role and ensuring the continuing presence of the brand ands its titles here in the UK,” said new Label Manager Howard Musson.  “I’ve worked with ADV Films through two companies now, and am familiar with both the quality of their products and the passion of their fans.  We aim to meet the high levels of expectation created by the work of the now-closed London office.”

The updated release dates have been added in to our anime release schedule, so click on the link at the top of the page for more info.  ADV have also announced that HMV will be running an ADV sale in their high street shops and online, and with titles like Excel Saga for just £3 per volume it's well worth checking out.  One other piece of good news is that ADV's former UK marketing head Hugh David has been taken on as a consultant by LDMS to ensure continuity between the old and new versions of ADV.  Hugh is a familiar face to many fans through his tireless work to promote anime in the UK, and we are very happy to hear that he will still be a part of their UK operation.

Source: ADV Films/LDMS

6th March 2008

Alcon 2008 capacity expanded!

The chairman of Leicester based anime convention Alcon 2008 has contacted us to confirm that, due to increasing demand, the total number of spaces available for the convention is to increase!

The number of spaces available is to increase from 350 to 400.  Also a bigger bar, The Quay, has been hired for use throughout the weekend, hosting the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the cosplay masquerade.  It is double the size of the bar used for Alcon 2007 and another sign that this years event will be much bigger then last year. 

The current number of sign ups for Alcon 2008 is 353 so there are only 47 spaces left.  If you book now you have until April 30th to pay.  The convention runs from 5th September to 7th September 2008.  

For further information visit the Alcon website here and check out our feature and interview here

Source: Alcon

4th March 2008


Those good people at Momentum Pictures have given us a trailer of their forthcoming CGI anime epic Vexille!  Please click on the following link to check it out:

Vexille Trailer

The film is getting a cinema release on 9th May, and features animation from the same team behind the popular Appleseed.  It's still rare for anime to get a cinema screening, so we can't wait to see what Vexille will be like!

Source: Kitacon

3rd March 2008

Event Update!

Just when you thought that the list of conventions happening in the UK could not get any bigger, another new con appears - Kitacon!  Even though the convention will not be run until April 2009 they are promoting it early through a nice flyer we found in our Minamicon Goody Bag.  Here's what the website has to say on the event:

"The convention will be held during the last few weeks of Easter for 3 days in Northampton, starting on the 17th and finishing on the 19th of April 2009.  The venue can be found literally a 5 minute walk from the station.  Directions and pictures can be found in the Venue section of the website.  With a party every night, events running through the day, regular anime showings throughout the day/night and games, Kitacon has a lot to offer. The convention capacity is 600 people and going fast"

As you can see the details at the moment are scarce, however, we will keep you up to date as more information is revealed.

Source: Kitacon

3rd March 2008

Out Today

Despite another handful of ADV releases dropping from the schedules  for today, there's still quite a lot on offer.  Manga re-release the classic Blood The Last Vampire, and also bring us the Naruto OVAs, whilst MVM bolster things with a number of ongoing releases and a new boxset!

Berserk vol 4 - Devil's Advocate (MVM)
Blood The Last Vampire (Manga)
Burst Angel Thin Pack Box Set (MVM)
Elemental Gelade vol 6 (MVM)
Naruto - The Lost Story: Protect the Waterfall Village (Manga)
Requiem from the Darkness Thin Pack Box Set (MVM)
Trinity Blood vol 5 (MVM)

Source: Various

28th February 2008

Haruhi Arrives!

After the teasing advertising at the start of the year, the much anticipated Melancholy of Haruhi Suzamiya has been confirmed for release by Beez.  Details are scarce at the moment, but the first of four volumes is pencilled in for release on 26th May, with the remaining volumes released monthly thereafter.  It looks like Beez will be releasing a standard and special edition of each volume too, with the standard one costing £19.99 and the special edition of volume 1 at £39.99 and subsequent special editions costing £34.99.  We expect the first volume special edition to include an artbox to hold the whole series, hence the higher price.

More details should be released at this weekend's Minamicon, and we'll report on it as soon as we return.

Source: Beez