Negima Messenger Bag

Product Type:  Apparel

Manufacturer:  Great Eastern

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  33.99

Purchased from:  www.tokyotoys.com

Rarity:  Hard to Find

Reviewer:  Ami-chan

For about a year I had wanted to buy a messenger bag.  Unfortunately, the right bag had eluded me for quite some time as the ones I saw were either small messenger bags which would only hold a mobile phone and a purse, or the design wasn't right at all.  This is where the Negima bag comes in, as just three weeks before I headed off to the land of rising sun I decided that I needed a bag to hold all of the otaku goodness that I was going to buy and I needed it now!

The bag has a simple design of the Mohora emblem (the school logo used in both the anime and the manga).  This works beautifully for myself as it doesn't scream out otaku but on the other hand anyone who has seen the series will instantly recognise where it is from.  The bag itself is light duty and made out of canvas.  This means unlike many messenger bags it is not

waterproof.  The strap that is provided can be adjusted to different lengths and is padded where it would rest on your shoulders.  The bag itself is divided into three sections.  The first is a back pocket which is fastened by a single pressed stud.  This area is probably best suited to the storage of magazines.  The second storage area can be best described as the main compartment and is divided into two sections by a piece of nylon material.  The space in which you can store items can be adjusted by two pressed stud adjusters on the outside of the bag.  The final section of the bag is two front pockets which are quite large and could hold up to two packets of Pocky each (very important!).  However, it should be noted that the pockets do not have fastenings to hold the items in place.  Finally the bag cover is pressed studded in order to hold it in place.

So how did it pass the Japan test?  Well it certainly passed the room test as it stored a lot of anime related merchandise and sweets while I was away.  However, I have to admit that the nylon separation of the main compartment was removed, due to the fact that I could a) store bigger items in my bag and b) it stopped me having panic attacks every time I could not find small items such as my purse simply because I hadn't checked the second compartment.  I found that the strap provided was comfortable and does not dig into my shoulder even when carrying particularly heavy stuff from Akiharbara.

The bag though could do with some improvements.  For example, the cover of the bag should of had Velcro fastening instead to secure it into place.  As it is it becomes very difficult to fasten when full.  Also the main compartment and the two pockets could of done with additional fastenings to make sure the items stay in place.  It was always a concern while I was away that small items could easily fall out my bag.

Overall, the bag is big enough to meet my needs, and it would make a perfect overnight stay bag.  However, I wish that the producers had taken more time to consider the functionality of the bag such as making it waterproof and making the compartments more secure.


It's such a smexy bag it doesn't need extras!


Feature:   Extras: N/A!

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