Naruto: The Lost Story

UK distributor: Manga Entertainment

BBFC Certificate: 15

Suggested Retail Price (SRP): 12.99

Running Time: 41 minutes (approx.)

Audio Options: English 5.1 & 2.0; Japanese 5.1 & 2.0

Subtitles: English

Reviewer:  Tom (Webmaster)


Naruto: The Lost Story consists of two OVAs - Protect The Waterfall Village which is the main feature and Find The Red Four-Leaved Clover, the first Naruto OVA, as an extra.

Protect the Waterfall Village begins with Team Kakashi having to guide cowardly Shibuki (leader of Waterfall village), in their first C-rank mission. Once there they begin phase 2 of their mission - to investigate rumours of suspicious activity by rogue ninja in the area.  Before they begin though the leader of the team, Kakashi, must leave due to a meeting of Jonin (elite ninja) back at their home village of the leaf. This leaves Naruto, Sasuke & Sakura to defend the village when rogue ninja attack the area in

search of the 'Hero's water', a vial of sacred water which will increase the drinkers chakra (energy) several tenfold but will also shorten their lifespan.

Protect The Waterfall Village is an original story so is not based on the manga.  Many of the original Naruto stories which feature in the TV series and the films are significantly weaker then the manga and are not as popular with fans.  Because of this I was not expecting much as original stories rarely add anything to the main series and are nothing more then an unnecessary distraction.  This is not unlike any other original story in that sense.  It features a very predictable plot, introduces one-dimensional characters who will never appear in the series again and manages to feel slow-paced despite a short running time of only forty minutes.

While I was watching The Lost Story I was just waiting for the final fight to happen as it is easy to guess what is going to happen five minutes into watching it.  Therefore a big fight is the only thing which could peak my interest whilst checking my watch throughout the feature waiting for said fight.  When the fight does happen it is a good one, fast-paced and showcasing Naruto's and Sasuke's best moves (Sakura does nothing as usual), but they are moves you have seen before unfortunately.

Predictably then The Lost Story offers nothing the series does not and has a lacklustre
plot, but is still a little enjoyable due to some of the action.  There is not enough action
to stop it from being dull sadly and, even at a budget price 12.99, it is not worth
shelling out for a DVD of which only five minutes are worth watching.


 Find The Four Leafed Clover is featured as an extra rather then part of the main feature.  It is shorter then the main feature and tells the story of pint-sized annoyance Konohamaru, the grandson of the village leader, challenging Naruto to find a magical clover which will grant the bearer any wish.  To find it they travel to the forbidden area of Akagahara, a dangerous place rife with dangers.

Find The Four Leafed Clover is also a poor story when compared to the high standard set by the TV series.  Like the main feature it is highly predictable but is surprisingly more fun as the shorter running length does make it an easier watch, plus the action is more fast-paced.  In fact I felt it was more action-packed then its bigger brother, making it slightly more fun.  It also features a lot more comedy elements which does make the cheesy elements a lot easier to stomach.

The only other extras are trailers for other flagship Manga titles.



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