Sunday was a much quieter day to the previous two, with less panels and more gaps between events.  Animetion did not think this was too bad though, since the previous two days had been tiring!  Having a chilled Sunday was much more preferable to having a busy day, plus it was not less fun!

The main highlights of the Sunday was the charity auction and Auchimake (Auchinawa omake), which took up the whole late afternoon/early evening.  The auction was hugely enjoyable as it contained several 'boxes of shit' which contained old anime bric n' brac - old figures and the like.  Beez Entertainment provided posters for the auction, with an awesome Gurren Lagann poster selling for 70.  Signed t-shirts (worn) and a box of porn followed, a great combination!  The biggest seller of the charity auction was a full set of Auchinawa badges, which sold for 240!  Overall the auction raised over 1,000 for charity!  An excellent achievement. 

Then it was onto the Auchimake, where people could take the stage and entertain the crowd however they wished.  Some were short, some were random and some contained in-jokes that went over people's heads.  It was great fun to watch, with two stand-out events - a solo guitar player bashing out acoustic Pokemon themes and 'thats what she said' jokes, and the skit-masters Team Giblets.  As always, the skit was presented by That Man and the theme was how to cure a yaoi addiction through the use of Soul Calibur III and montages.  It was a triumph and one the highlights of the weekend for Animetion.  You can view the skit by clicking here.  Soon after the Auchimake was the closing ceremony, a fun presentation from the excellent committee and then it was all sadly over. 

In conclusion, Auchinawa is a brilliant event and is just what Scotland needs.  It was a great opportunity for Scottish people to meet new friends who share the same interests. On the other hand, for Animetion, a group of English friends who have been to many conventions, it was good to see the Scottish take on such a staple part of UK anime culture.

Overall, the whole convention had a more adult feel to it when compared to other conventions that we have been too.  This is in no way a criticism as it helps to distinguish itself from the increasing number of cons happening.  Each event we attended was well organised and fun

to be involved with, although in the future we would like to see a wider variety of activities being held.  If people were to ask us what was the best part of Auchinawa, without a doubt that would be the committee. It was through their teamwork, effort and general approachfulness that made it such a fun event to be a part of.

The convention itself has an exciting future as the possibilities are endless.  With a quick sign up to full capacity we see no problem in it becoming a larger convention.  If this did happen a different location would be needed though, as 300 people was the maximum limit for the current hotel.  Whatever the future may be we wish the committee to have a nice long rest before organising the next Auchinawa!