With the masquerade over, night time was now upon us which can mean only one thing - party!  In fact there was three parties in total - the cosplay ball, adult event and disco.  The two latter events were held in one room separated into two for two hours, then were joined together for the disco.  They had to keep things separate as the adult event was strictly over 18s only and certainly lived up to that moniker and was certainly popular!

Pretty much everyone who was over the age of 18 waited in a long spiralling queue outside of the room where it was being held.  After a delayed start we were entertained by the committee who were dressed for the occasion.  Ratchet was dressed up as a loli and Sephikun was dressed as the Joker in nurses drag.  We were all in stitches as he did such a great impression of the late Heath Ledger's version of the Joker.

After the warm up, we went straight into dub that hentai, this involved members of the convention adding a new soundtrack to a

hentai.  The hentai was Bible Black... we will not go into detail about it, I will leave it to your
imagination or possibly a Google search.  However, it was Keith from Team Giblets and Jan Scott-Frazier who were the main stars of the event.  We simply would not let them sit down, as their minds' was in so far in the gutter that it perversely funny.

After some fun dubbing (no pun intended) we moved on to a game of I have never.  Traditionally, this is a drinking game however, in this version once you have 5 points you went up to the front to join Sephikun sin bin / play pen.  These statements started off very light like "I have never looked at porn" to the more disturbing "I have never had sexual fantasies about my best friends mum".  Again there were worse things mentioned but some things should never be mentioned outside the walls of that event....verall, it was our special guest Jan Scott-Frazier who was declared the victor with a score which was well over 40!

Alongside the antics of the adult event was the more sedate cosplay ball, which was strictly formal dress only.  Only ball room music was played and there were even experience ball dancers on hand help newcomers.  Several tables were also set up, so it was quite a social event.  Although the attendance was less then the adult event, it gave the ball a fitting, relaxed atmosphere.  This soon changed when both events ended and the disco kicked in!  Glow sticks suddenly appeared from nowhere and people were partying to many an anime theme, both Japanese and some English ones.  It was certainly more lively then the AMV disco the night before and definitely the busiest party of the weekend!