Top Five by Tom (Webmaster)

5.  Dogtanian (Dogtanian & The Three Muskehounds)

Based on the classic novels by Alexandre Dumas and winner of the worst character pun name, Dogtanian is the poor kid who travels to Paris to train to be a Musketeer - sorry Muskehound – as he dreams of being a great swordsmaster and one day serve the King of France.

Although often cocky with his abilities, Dogtanian does shine with his swashbuckling skills and learns a lesson quickly.  Ultimately a Jack Russell-The-Lad that you cannot help but like, Dogtanian is a charming canine that always adheres to the Muskehound motto ‘One For All & All For One!’

4. Menchi (Excel Saga)

No, you haven’t clicked on the Top 5 Cats buy mistake – Menchi really is a dog and the most unfortunate of our quintet of pedigrees!

She was once just a stray until that fateful day she was picked up by the insane girl Excel Excel and is now just an emergency food supply for the mighty organisation Across.  Never shown love by her owners, Menchi constantly attempts escape but always fails.  Thankfully Menchi does start to have fun eventually though when she starts to drive and – best of all – use a minigun!

3. Inu-Yasha (Inu-Yasha, A Feudal Fairytale)

Although points must be discounted as he is only a half-breed of dog, there is no denying he must be in this countdown of canine critters.  Half human and half dog-demon, Inu-Yasha is one of the coolest hounds ever to grace an anime or manga.  Unlike his full dog demon half-brother Sesshomaru, Inu-Yasha bears human qualities such as trust, friendship and love but also maintains his fierce canine half.  This makes for a real dog-eat-dog fight when the siblings clash.

Although appearing human most of the time with the exception of his striking ears, Inu-Yasha’s appearance does become dog-like when his demon blood boils with anger.  This makes Inu-Yasha one real hot dog as he begins to revel in killing his enemy.  Thankfully the human side is always stronger.

2. Ein (Cowboy Bebop)

Although he appears to be a normal Corgi, Ein is in fact a data-dog developed at an illegal laboratory for unknown purposes.  Signs of Ein’s origin are displayed occasionally, but no-one seems to notice them - instead just thinking Ein is a normal pooch even though he can drive, answer the phone and hack into computers! 

1. Sherlock Hound (Sherlock Hound)

The greatest detective in the world of literature is also our top dog.  Maintaining all of his elementary detecting skill and trademark pipe and deerstalker in his anime interpretation, Sherlock is also much more of an action hero too, often putting Lupin III to shame.