Top Five by Tom (Webmaster)

5. Luna (Sailor Moon)

Possibly the most annoying cat in animé, Luna is the mentor of Serena (aka Sailor Moon).  Luna often disapproves of Serena's childish antics and is frequently annoyed by the lack of respect she receives from her.  If you haven’t worked out why that is Luna, it is because you are a moaning old bag who can’t respect the fact that Serena has a life.  She wants to talk about guys and try to get into nightclubs with the other Sailor Scouts.  Sod saving the universe!

4. Jiji (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

The most down-to-earth of our quintet of felines, Jiji is the likeable pet of teenager Kiki and he is always quick to point out errors for her benefit.  Although a little sarcastic at times, Jiji is a clever one and ultimately likeable.

3.  Shampoo (Ranma ½)

When Shampoo is splashed with cold water she transform into the cutest, pinkest cat anyone could set eyes upon.  Shampoo still retains her love for Ranma after her transformation and as he has a phobia of cats you imagine what mayhem ensues.  Shampoo’s lovable yet independent personality makes her a perfect cat as well.

2.  Kuroneko (Trigun)

Kuroneko has to be the most bizarre of all cats.  It has no bearing on the plot of Trigun but makes it's presence with very brief cameos at the most random moments, usually with no impact at all.  Maybe Kuroneko used to belong to Alfred Hitchcock. 

1.  Baron (Whisper Of The Heart, The Cat Returns)

The best-dressed cat in animé, Baron is one cool cat that specialises in helping out the younger generation.  In Whisper Of The Heart he may only help out through a dream, but in The Cat Returns he really struts his stuff in the real world by showing off his heroic invincible side.  If Lupin III had a cat, it would be Baron.