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29th November 2006

Spirited Away to premiere on BBC2 over Christmas period

UK Anime have spotted that Hayao Miyazaki's masterpiece Spirited Away is to premiere on BBC2 over the Christmas period!  No news on time and date yet but as the equally successful French cartoon Belleville Rendezvous was shown on Christmas Day a couple of years ago, there is every chance that Spirited Away could be shown on the big day itself. 

Hopefully this will lead to BBC2 showing more Studio Ghibli films next year.  This may sound unlikely but hey, you could not buy most of Ghibli films on DVD a couple of years ago.  A lot can change in a year so make sure you tune into BBC2 and watch Spirited Away - high viewing figures will mean more anime showings! 

Source: UK Anime

25th November 2006

ADV Press Releases!

Following yesterday's license announcements we have now put up the press releases for all of ADV Films' quarter 1 releases!  Please click on the links below to see them:

January 15th

Area 88 vol 3 - Tightrope at the Speed of Sound
Dai-Guard Complete Collection - ADV Classics
Gilgamesh vol 5 - As Truth Breaks Like Glass
Madlax vol 6 - Sacrifice
Yugo the Negotiator vol 2 - Pakistan 2: Honour

February 19th

Gad Guard Complete Collection - ADV Classics
Jinki: Extend vol 1
Ninja Resurrection - ADV Classics
Samurai Gun vol 3 - Lethal Influence
Yugo The Negotiator vol 3 - Russia 1: Legacy

March 19th

Area 88 vol 4 - Wings of the Wind
Gilgamesh vol 6 - In the Soul Eclipse
Madlax vol 7 - Reality
Sorcerer Hunters OVA - ADV Classics
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World vol 1 - Falling Star

Source: ADV Films

24th November 2006

New ADV Licenses Announced!

We have received a press release today announcing a host of release dates and new licenses, and it's impressive to say the least!  As well as confirming when previously announced releases like Jinki: Extend, Ninja Resurrection and This Ugly Yet Beautiful World will hit the shelves, ADV also announce the acquisition of Coyote Ragtime, Paniponi Dash, Guyver and the excellent Sgt. Frog!  Listing as follows:

Dai-Guard Complete Collection (ADV Classics) - 15th January
Jinki: Extend vol 1 (of 3) - 19th February
Gad Guard Complete Collection (ADV Classics) - 19th February
Ninja Resurrection (ADV Classics) - 19th February
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World vol 1 (of 3) - 19th March
Sorcerer Hunters (ADV Classics) - 19th March

Date TBC:

Coyote Ragtime vol 1 (of 4) - April
Le Chevalier D'Eon vol 1 - May
Paniponi Dash vol 1 - June
Guyver The Bio-Boosted Armour - TBC
Sgt. Frog - TBC

Press Releases will be posted shortly...

Source: ADV Films

23rd November 2006

Gollancz Price Hike

Anyone picking up the latest volumes of ongoing Gollancz manga series will have a bit of a shock - the prices have gone up by 20%.  Previously Gollancz manga was always 4.99 per volume, undercutting the standard prices of both Tokyopop (6.99) and Tanoshimi (5.99).  However, the price of the latest volumes of popular series like Dragon Ball, Rurouni Kenshin and Maison Ikkoku has gone up to 5.99, and this looks like it will be the standard price for all future Gollancz releases too.  With import prices for the US releases of these titles usually around the 5.50 mark it seems to be a bit of an own goal from Gollancz to do this, an it may cost them a few customers in an increasingly competitive market.

Source: Waterstones

19th November 2006

1st Revelation Films Releases Announced

According to the website of their distributor, the first fruits of FUNimation's new union with Revelation Films is due right at the start of the year.  Fullmetal Alchemist vol 9 is due to hit the shelves on 22nd January along with a boxset of the popular former MVM release Fruits Basket.  No further releases are listed at the moment, but keep an eye on our Release Schedule which will be updated as and when we hear more.

Source: Pinnacle Vision

14th November 2006

MVM Lose FUNimation Anime

Anime UK News and UK Anime Net have reported that MVM will cease to distribute FUNimation anime titles from January 2007.  FUNimation's parent company Navarre use Revelation Films as a distributor for many of their other labels and in a move to streamline their UK operations they are switching FUNimation titles to them.  This change will no doubt come as a big blow to MVM, who will lose the popular Full Metal Alchemist as well as several other titles including Yu Yu HakushoRevelation Films' track record with anime has been mixed to say the least, with a previous distributor under them - Kiseki Films - sinking without trace after a series of low quality DVD releases of old VHS titles.  Hopefully they'll do better with FUNimation, but we are disappointed that a dedicated anime company has lost such a rich source of titles. 

Source: Anime UK News; UK Anime Net

14th November 2006

Otogi Zoshi Gift Pack

It's already in our release schedule, but we have received some more info about the forthcoming Otogi Zoshi Gift Pack, which is due to hit the shelves on 4th December.  The set will include volume 1 of the intriguing Otogi Zoshi anime series alongside volume 1 of the forthcoming Otogi Zoshi manga series, all housed in a nice slipcase box!  The set is exclusive to Play.Com and considering the Tokyopop manga book included isn't out separately until mid-January 2007, it's well worth checking out.  Have a look at the following link for more info:  Otogi Zoshi Gift Set @ Play.Com, and check out our review of vol 1 of the anime series here.

Source: Manga Entertainment

9th November 2006

Ninja Scroll TV Clips

This week saw the release of another cut-price boxset from MVM, this time of the three volume Ninja Scroll TV series.  The series was a spin-off from the popular action film of the same name and once again brought the enigmatic swordsman Jubei face to face with a host of demonic enemies.  The series boasts some great animation and music, check out the following clips to see for yourself and keep your eyes open for a Ninja Scroll competition which will be launched this weekend here on Animetion!

Clip 1 / Clip 2 / Clip 3

Source: MVM

9th November 2006

More Anime on Film4

Film4 continues its support for anime with more screenings next week, this time of Isao Takahata's eco-drama Pom Poko.  It's a very good film so check it out either on Sunday 12th (3pm) or Friday 17th (3pm).  For the insomniacs amongst you it is also worth noting that Akira Kurosawa's epic Kagemusha is showing on Tuesday night (well, technically Wednesday morning) at 12.30am.  It's not anime but it is a good film from a great director and the full version with 20mins of extra scenes is being shown of UK television for the first time.

Source: TV Quick/Film4

2nd November 2006

Le Chevalier D'Eon coming to UK

Announced in a press release sent to us today, ADV Films have acquired the rights to the historical epic Le Chevalier D'Eon from Production I.G and directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi of Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X) and Getbackers fame. 

Although no release date has been set as of yet, this is exciting news and this historic and gothic mystery series is certain to follow the popular Gilgamesh as another hit for ADV

Source: ADV Films

30th October 2006

News from Expo

Well it has been a long weekend for us attending both days of the Expo, but we are back now to report on it.  Most of the news regarding releases was to be found at the industry panel, where rumours were rife of Bleach coming to the UK.  All companies expressed interest, but Manga Entertainment were certainly the most enthusiastic.  Bleach was sadly not discussed past this point. 

Releases and acquisitions announced included:

Manga Entertainment - showed clips of the visually stunning Noein which will be released in January 2007.  The interesting Tokko, released in February 2007, She: The Ultimate Weapon: Another Love Song (February 2007) and Tactics, month not announced as yet but will be the first half of 2007.  A question from the audience revealed that the release of volume 3 of Tetsujin 28 hinges on the success of volume 2, so get buying volume 2 everyone!  Manga also revealed that around 7,000 copies of the first Naruto DVD have been sold since it's release.  Other news included confirmation of a DVD release next year of the Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex film, as well as Production I.G releasing a live-action film of Blood: The Last Vampire to mark their 20th anniversary and their will be a boxset of Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG next spring. 

ADV Flims - announced that Cromartie High School and Gilgamesh will be showing on Sky Channel 368 Redemption TV, but not dates were provided.  2007 releases include Jinki Extend, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, Maboraho and the exciting news that a boxset will be released once a month in 2007.  Although these will be boxsets of existing series, it will be great to pick up whole series for a cheaper price.  ADV also suggested they could be releasing the recent updated TV series of The Guyver, but this was not confirmed. 

MVM - will be releasing after Saiyuki Reload as well as Gun X Sword, Ah My Goddess (the TV series) and the second Tenchi Muyo film, Daughter Of Darkness.  Interestingly a question from the audience revealed that MVM had considered releasing the very popular FLCL in the past but decided against it.  A shame, but at least the UK license is still up for grabs so there is hope of a UK release yet. 

Rapture TV - talked mainly about the forthcoming Animenation, a general entertainment focusing on anime coming on air either late November or early December.  They have not yet decided which new anime series to run but have got it down to a shortlist of four series which they would not name.  Until they do, get over to their forums and tell them what series you would like to see. 

This was all the major news revealed during the industry panel.  Because of the added MCM Expo being held in only four months in Telford, the panel mainly focused on their releases for the very early part of next year.  We can expect to hear more them in February then. 

There is little other news to report, although it is worth noting that designer TERRATAG is launching is new range very shortly and the ever-popular TokyoToys launched a new range of t-shirts based around their mascots (reviews to follow).  Sweatdrop were also bigger then before, with artist Joanna Zhou signing copies of her latest work.  New company Mamoo Designs were also there, a company specialising in producing t-shirts with designs solely by UK artists.  They are working closely with Sweatdrop and could be much bigger by the time of the Expo given the quality of the t-shirts. 

A good, hectic Expo overall that was bigger and better then before.  Can't wait for the next one in London, sorry I mean Telford....

Source: MCM London Expo

26th October 2006

Animetion Cosplay Competition & Giveaways

As you may have guessed we'll be decamping to the MCM London Expo this weekend and as we did last time we will be running our random cosplay competition!  We'll be wandering around keeping our eyes open for any random costumes that grab our attention, the stranger the better!  The ones we deem the best will be given a prize pack containing figures fresh from Japan and plenty of other anime related goodies, to have a look at the kind of things we spotted last year, look at our Expo Cosplay Feature and MCM London Expo feature!

If you see us come over and have a chat, we'll be in the mood to talk anime!

Source: n/a

26th October 2006

MCM London Expo Preview

This weekend sees London's ExCel Centre play host to the latest MCM London Expo, a huge event which has rapidly become the place to be as far as anime fandom is concerned.

Anime and manga has swamped the expo in recent times and all of the big companies will be in attendance.  Speculation is rife over possible license announcements and surprises from the likes of Manga Entertainment, ADV Films, MVM and Beez are a strong possibility.  Our money is on the excellent Gunbuster being announced by Beez and Blood+ (the TV anime spin-off from Blood the Last Vampire) gracing Manga Entertainment's roster.  However, we wouldn't be surprised to see Gun X Sword and Hellsing Ultimate announced for the UK either, and we're sure that there will be something big and unexpected in store too.

If you are able to get to London this weekend the Expo is something you must go to.  Special offers, free anime screenings and the chance to speak face to face with the likes of ADV Films and Tokyopop makes it a must for anime and manga fans.  The expo gives you a chance to meet fellow fans in a casual atmosphere regardless of your level of knowledge, and it's the only event of its kind anime-wise that allows you to turn up and pay on the door.  No pre-booking if you don't want to, and with the good transport links offered by the London Underground and Docklands Light Railway, it is not too hard to get to.  Check out the website and our feature on May's event to see what's on offer!

Source: n/a

26th October 2006

Manga and Tokyopop Team Up!

Top anime distributor Manga Entertainment have teamed with leading manga distributor Tokyopop to release a special edition gift set of the feudal action series Otogi Zoshi.  The Gift Set will contain Otogi Zoshi vol 1 - Legend of the Magatama on DVD and the manga book Otogi Zoshi vol 1 in a nice slipcase box!  The set is being released as a Play.Com exclusive and retails for the great price of just 11.99, snap it up!

Source: Manga Entertainment

22nd October 2006

Japanese shows removed from YouTube

The BBC and Mainichi Interactive have reported that a group of Japanese broadcasters have succeeded in an attempt to get a huge number of files removed from video sharing website YouTube.  The group, which consists of 29 different TV stations and organisations including the public broadcaster NHK, requested the removal of no less than 29,549 clips that have been posted without permission and infringe their copyright.  It is unclear whether these clips include any anime shows but it is another sign of the increasingly tough stance Japanese companies are taking on copyright infringement.  In the past Japanese distributors have paid little attention to the illegal sharing of their media abroad, but as the US and European markets have grown such activity is seen as more damaging.  In December 2004 Japanese anime producer Media Factory threatened a number of 'fansub' (see glossary) groups and distribution sites with prosecution unless they stopped distributing their anime titles.  So far (as far as we're aware) they're the only company to do it, but this latest clampdown is another sign that things are getting tighter for those who distribute unlicensed Japanese media.

Source: BBC/Mainichi

20th October 2006

Back in Business!

You may have noticed it being a bit quiet round here of late, that's because we've been on holiday in Japan!  We're back now with a small mountain of merchandise, books and cds to review so now the jetlag is subsiding we will be resuming normal service.  Check back soon for updates!

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