As you can see from our box-out, Mamoo have promising designs but are they not worried that the market could become flooded?  Terratag was the only major player for years, but this year has seen Genki Gear emerge as well as Mamoo.  Daniel Gibbs, managing director of Mamoo, is confident they will be successful.  'I honestly believe that each of the companies out in the market are very different.', Daniel says, 'I love loads of the Terratag designs and I hope that they love ours. Quality design appeals to everyone not only to manga enthusiasts and the success of any business is the ability to be able to reach and appeal to as wide an audience as possible. As a result I am not concerned about the number of companies out there. We will continue to develop the MaMoo brand in our own way and stay true to what it is that we stand for - high quality, original designs.' 


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A collabration between Thai artist Shari and English writer Fehed, this pair go by the name sixkillerbunnies to produce darkly humorous titles such as Cookie and Rabid Monkeys.  Fans of Roman Dirge's Lenore comics will be drawn to the stylish designs by this talented pair.    


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Kareni Robins, aka BluSheep, is the resident manga artist of art supplier Letraset and is based in London.  Amongst her projects you can often find her attending various conventions with Sweatdrop Studios.  Her work for Mamoo is varied, featuring cute characters and western influences as well as traditional manga. 

Indeed, Daniel words ring true when you compare Mamoo's designs to Terratag and Genki Gear.  Each outfit has their own unique style and the market will only get better if future companies follow Mamoo's lead of individual styles by various artists. 

Further information:

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