Recently launching at the MCM London Expo, Mamoo Designs (meaning Manga Moods) are a new UK company which specialise in producing t-shirts featuring manga-inspired designs by well-known artists. 

The Mamoo range currently consists of work by four artists from the UK-based Sweatdrop Studios and sixkillerbunnies.  The introductory range is an eclectic mix of styles designed to please everyone.  Acutely aware that they needed to cater for fans of all manner of genres, Mamoo have created a range which does just that.  Cute girls, cyberpunk, unusual gothic designs and action manga panels are all included.  With this much variety available so early in their life, Mamoo look set to make a major impact on the UK scene when they unveil products, including bags and belts, featuring new designers next year. 


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A Chinese born artist currently studying in the UK, Joanna Zhou is part of the UK manga artist group Sweatdrop Studios and her mainly cute style brings a traditional manga look to the Mamoo range.  Joanna has worked with Channel 4, NEO Magazine and TokyoToys (among others) and is a great designer to kick off the Mamoo range. 


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Another member of Sweatdrop Studios, Dock (real name Hayden Scott-Baron) has produced a mixture of cute and dark images for said studio.  The mature style of his work such as Attic is similar to his work for Mamoo, particularly in the above design entitled Muscles

Co_Okie (Shari & Fehed of sixkillerbunnies)