Top Five by Rich (Webmaster)

5. The 1st & 2nd Hokages (Naruto)

You're an evil genius ninja fighting one of the greatest ninjas of all time.  You need an edge, so it's a good job you've dabbled in a touch of necromancy on the side.  Orochimaru fights fire with fire by resurrecting Konoha's founders and greatest ninjas - the first and second Hokage!  It doesn't do a lot of good in the end, but hey, you can't blame an evil genius for trying.

4. Zabel (Darkstalkers)

Proof, if ever it was needed, that punk isn't dead!  Zabel is a murderous Sid Vicious wannabe who has returned from the dead more monster than former human.  Now sporting blue skin (for some reason) and accompanied by a strange monster thing that's sometimes a guitar and other times a weapon, Zabel carries on causing as much chaos as he did when he was alive.  However, this Darkstalker fails to be higher up this list as he comes across kind of like Iron Maiden mascot Eddie's less successful brother.

3. Kikyo (Inu-Yasha)

Ok, so technically she's not a zombie but a golem made from grave soil and bones, but she's been brought back from the dead and her mortal remains are the basis for her body, so we think she counts.  As a priestess Kikyo's romance with the half- demon Inu-Yasha was always a bit taboo, but her resurrection adds a healthy layer of necrophilic wrongness to a mutual forbidden love already laced with bestiality.  Think about it - dog demon and zombie priestess, does it really get more wrong?  She's become a bit of a bitch since dying though, and doesn't particularly like the perky Kagome muscling in on her bit of ruff, so maybe things will turn out okay.

2. Beyond the Grave (Gungrave)

Monosyllabic but noble hardnut gets betrayed and killed by his best mate, only to return from the dead as a monosyllabic but noble zombie hardnut.  Dedicated to destroying his former friend and now sporting super strength, completely over-the-top weaponry and a far better dress sense, Grave proves that what kills you only makes you stronger.  However, he misses out on the top spot as he gives up the damn cool name Brandon Heat in favour of the stupid code-name Beyond the Grave, which makes him sound like a Scandinavian black metal band.

1. Yakumo Fuji (3x3 Eyes)

Probably the only underage professional transvestite to ever be turned into a zombie.  Although he moans about wanting to be human again, you kind of get the impression that he quite likes his newfound immortality.  For one it means that he can impress everyone with feats of immense stupidity (such as stopping the police from chasing his friends by deliberately getting run over), and for two it means he gets to hang around with the immensely cute demon girl Pai, who fancies the pants off him.  Unfortunately the downside is that he gets a lot of hassle from demonic hordes seeking the secret of immortality, and the zombie servant of his girlfriend's ex.  He tops the list though as he's the only zombie here that can't be killed, beat that!