Top Five by Tom (Webmaster)

5.  Noble Gundam

This aristocratic Gundam is supposed to represent Sweden but on closer examination is just a mech version of Sailor Moon!  Whatís going on?  How can a Japanese schoolgirl represent Sweden?

4.  Matador Gundam

This Spanish Gundam isnít designed on a Matador at all, but is in fact a Gundam with a huge bull's head as itís torso.  It looks ridiculous, particularly as the bullís head has a ring through it which serves no other purpose besides allowing enemies to drag Matador along the floor. 

It can be argued that Matadorís devastating charging power could exclude it from this list, but this is based on design.  What were Spain thinking by designing a Gundam that can only attack Red Gundams?

3.  Viking Gundam

Norwayís entry into this list of shame is the almighty Viking Gundam.  Sporting a Viking helmet and a longboat across his shoulders (!), Viking is painted a camp pastel blue that doesnít do a good job of representing the sea.  The main weapon is a pair of Viking oars!!  And to top it off the pilotís name is Erik The Viking!!!

2.  Nether Gundam

Representing Holland Ė itís a Gundam with a windmill on it!  Yes!  This unorthodox design may be handy for laying in wait for enemies in the Dutch countryside, but at a tournament surely the blades would just get in the way.  Unless the blades can be detached and used as weapons.  Either way this Gundam is certain to blow the competition away. 

1.  Mermaid Gundam

Denmarkís entry into the G Gundam Tournament is an aqua blue Gundam that is basically a Gundam inside a fish.  HmmmÖ.although Mermaid is effective underwater, Gundams donít tend to fight underwater to they? Mermaid has a rather cool trident but his main weapon is to kick enemies while they are rolling about laughing.