Top Five by Tom (Webmaster)

5.  Gigantor (Gigantor)

Ready to fight for Right!....Against Wrong...

As the name suggests, Gigantor is one of the biggest robots in anime ever and makes a welcome retro appearance in our chart.  You can tell itís retro due the basic metal finish and not a lick of paint in sight.  I admit that Iíve mainly put him in due to the showís theme tune, but youíll understand why when you hear it.

4. Laputian Robots (Laputa: Castle In The Sky)

Given their taste for destruction there arenít many environmentally friendly robots, but Laputa has them.  These ancient robots tend to the gardens of the beautiful floating island after the humans have deserted it.  They may not look very cool as they have been created to be functional and Ė unlike the rest of our chart Ė are not unique.  But they were created by Miyazaki which makes them good by default.

3. Deathscythe (Gundam Wing)

The most stylised of all the mechs in our chart, Deathscythe is easily the best looking of the all the Gundams and has a great black, white and yellow paint job that is not as camp as his fellow Gundams. Plus itís weapon is a huge scythe.  Repeat: A HUGE SCYTHE!

2. EVA-02 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

A huge mech which defends the Earth against the mysterious angels, EVA-02ís fantastic flame red paint job perfectly reflects the fiery attitude of itís pilot Asuka Langley.  Due to Asukaís personality you can always guarantee that she will show off in battle, which leads to some neat moves.  She couldnít do it without the coolest mech ever though. 

1. Astro Boy (Astro Boy)

When Tobio is killed in a car crash, his father Dr. Tenma re-creates a him in robot form and thus Astro Boy is born.  Astro Boy fights for good and any evil robots getting in his way wonít be in his way much longer.  Astro has a staggering amount of abilities and the fact that he has a machine-gun in his arse means that he has to be number one.