Top Five by Tom (Webmaster)

5. Koffing

James’ prize Pokémon suffers not only from having an idiot as a master, but also from it's primary ‘Poison’ move.  Poison shoots from all angles of it's body, which very rarely effects opponents in battle.  It should slowly kill them but instead does nothing except cause pollution.  Maybe if Team Rocket got enough together they could destroy the Ozone layer and finally do something evil. 

4. Wobuffet

Putting in the only appearance for the Johto Pokémon, this must be proof that Nintendo must have been thinking a bit harder with the sequels, but Wobuffet proves there is always one.

Popping out of it's Pokéball at the most inopportune moments, Wobuffett greets the disgruntled Jesse with a cry that must translate as ‘I need medication’.  The unimpressed Jesse promptly zaps him back in the Pokéball. Pointless, but it can be quite funny.

3. Psyduck

Misty’s loyal Pokémon is in her collection purely for comic relief.  Why?  Because this migraine ridden Pokémon is a klutz who’s stupid voice and constantly bumbling are meant to make the viewer laugh.  It doesn’t.

2. Metapod

This phallic pupa has only move – Harden.  Yep, what a name for such a shape.  Duelling Metapods can looking forward to hours of ‘hardening’ which translates as sharpening their defence.  No attacks – that’s it.  Although in the game Metapod can Tackle (an attack move) in the anime you only see it hardening and they glisten each time they do it.  I wonder about the orders Ash gives sometimes.

1. Magikarp

Surely the only reason that this dreadful bass-like creature was created was to teach the games player that not all Pokémon are good and not to trust strangers.  In the game you offered to buy him for a huge amount of money, even though they are easy to catch by the use of fishing.  James falls for this in anime and you will feel the failure Team Rocket often do when you try to use him in the game.

That's because Magikarp's only move is entitled Splash.  When performed he will splash about and nothing else.  No attack or defence – just sheer pointlessness.  For those who can persevere you will be rewarded with Magikarp’s evolution into the almighty Gyrados, but that saving grace does not stop him from topping this Pokédex.