Top Five by Manga Monkey

 5. Somebody else’s arm

It’s typical isn’t it?  The character with the big breasts is walking around naked for some perfectly logical reason and some little sod comes running past waving their arms around like they’re having a fit!

4. Explosive Debris

It’s not one of your everyday common or garden explosions, it’s one that manages the choreograph tearing the heroine's clothes off whilst either throwing bricks/farmyard animals/other characters in the way or simply leaving strips that suspiciously stay stuck on – I had a pair of underpants that got like that once…

3. A long strand of hair

Hair that, up until this point, has been practically cart-wheeling around a character's head at the first sign of a gentle breeze suddenly decides it’s sole purpose in life is to stick to nipples like a magnet.

2. Steam

Characters relaxing in a bath seem to have chosen the only hot-spring in the world where minerals in the water create tiny, thin wisps of steam that X-rays couldn’t pass through, let alone visible light.

1. They’re just not there!

I’ve seen it, it happens!  And after checking could find no mention that on the back cover that I would be reading about the adventures of The Amazing Nippleless Woman.  I’m  not suggesting that the sight of a nipple–shaped splotch of ink would fill my pointless life with some kind of perverse satisfaction but goddammit!! What a gyp!