Top Five by Cassie W

5.  Ash & Misty (Pokèmon)

Ash and Misty, they are at number five because of their lack of actual love, their
relationship usually just focuses on the hate side. They both have short tempers and fight
constantly, and they can't seem to stand each other, sounds like love to me! The problem is
that there are very few episodes that actually discuss their relationship, let alone show a
softer side to it.

4. Lina & Gourry (Slayers)

Lina and Gourry, now this is a favorite couple of mine, unfortunately just like with Ash and
Misty their relationship isn't often discussed except for episodes when Gourry is afraid Lina
is going to die.

3. Inu-Yasha & Kagome (Inu-Yasha)

Ah, Kagome and InuYasha, one of the most angsty emo-y relationships around, so emo and angsty
in fact that they shall from this day forward be called emangsty! Jealousy is a major factor
to show that these characters like each other. InuYasha will see Kagome with a man and freak
out and threaten to kill the man, or Kagome will see InuYasha with Kikyo then pout and
proceed to sit InuYasha to oblivion. They are a little higher up though because they will
occasionally act affectionate towards each other.

2. Vash & Meryl (Trigun)

Some people may ask why I put Vash and Meryl at number two on this list when they don't
really officially say that they love each other during the series, in fact their affection
towards each other isn't really presented until you near the end of the series, but once it
shows up, boy is their cute coupleness ever apparent.

1. Ranma & Akane (Ranma ½)

Akane and Ranma, the gods of the love/hate relationships. They try their best to make it
obvious they hate each other and yet somehow they still end fighting dangerous battles just
so that they can stay engaged. Sure this series has a lot of jealousy, but there are also
points where they explore the softer side of their relationships, since this series has about
an even balance for love hate relationships and because the series is just friggin funny they
rest at number one.