Top Five by Rich (Webmaster)

5. Kir (King of Bandit Jing)

As if being a wise-cracking, lecherous bird wasn't enough, Kir is a wise-cracking, lecherous bird who can also be used as a laser cannon.  It's because of things like this that anime rocks.

4. Kazuma Torisuna (s-CRY-ed)

He has the power to turn his right arm into an immense robotic limb capable of smashing through walls and armour, and on top of this he can manifest his emotions as psychic bullets to deliver awesomely powerful death blows.  He's a bit of a tosser though.

3. Kimimaro Kaguya (Naruto)

Now this is more like it!  Kimimaro is the last of a ninja clan with the unique ability to manipulate and remove bones at will, this basically means he can not only grow extra bone instantaneously to protect him from damage, but also create swords and other weapons from them.  At one point he even removes his spine and uses it as a whip!  Yes!!

2. Cyborg 004 (Cyborg 009)

You have to feel sorry for poor old Albert Heinrich.  A pacifist seriously wounded attempting to escape Communist East Germany, Albert's life is saved when he is turned into a cyborg but he ends up becoming everything he most despises - a walking, talking weapon of war.  He has built in guns, missile launchers and lasers and a ton of angst, but finds a purpose in fighting the evil Black Ghost to bring peace to the world.

1. Chise (She, The Ultimate Weapon)

Introverted, clumsy schoolgirl Chise may seem like the last person the military would use when they decide to turn someone into a walking weapon of mass destruction, but this is anime, and therefore huge amounts of military power must be given to emotionally fragile teenagers.  Poor Chise not only has to cope with her burgeoning relationship with classmate Shuji, but also the fact that she is growing as a weapon at the cost of her own humanity, both physically and psychologically.  It's not easy when your destructive capabilities - already enough to obliterate a city - are growing faster than your ability to control them...