Top Five by Tom (Webmaster)

5. Vegeta (Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT)


Down at the bottom because he eventually turns good, Vegeta is still worthy of a place in our chart as he is a git in a Blackadder-esque manner.  He starts off pure evil (wishing to kill the hero Goku) but he is defeated and starts to follow Goku wherever he may go so he can one day challenge him again and beat him.  Vegetaís sarcasm and disgust at cowardice is the reason for his placing here.  His sarcastic manner is a good contrast to Gokuís over-the-top goody two-shoes manner and Vegeta often stops the series becoming even cheesier than it is. 

4. Ataru Moroboshi (Urusei Yatsura (a.k.a Lum))

The most lecherous of our quintet of gits, Ataru shows little compassion for his long-suffering girlfriend Shinobu by flirting with every girl he sets eyes upon.  Although he does put up with a lot from his admirer Lum, he will do the same back much worse and there is no excuse for his actions.  All the misfortunes that are bestowed upon him are well deserved.

3. Muska (Laputa: Castle In The Sky)

A stereotype villain that seems to bypass stereotype by being more evil then all of the other stereotype villains put together.  His quest is to take over the world by using the awesome power of the floating island Laputa.  To do this he must use a stone in the possession of the small girl Sheeta, who is protected by her friend Pazu.  The fact that they are both only ten years old matters not to Muska, who is willing to kill them and many others in order to fulfil his dream.  What makes him even more of a git is the fact that he is suave, well dressed and calm and collected at all times.  Git! 

2. Jan Akiyama (Iron Wok Jan)

would you like fries with that?

A master chef and also a master git, anti-hero Jan is on a quest to become the number one Chinese cook in Japan and doesnít mind being smug about his abilities.  He will talk down to those older and wiser then him and will ridicule all that talk to him.  He also takes delight in slitting the throats of animals which he uses in his dishes and on one occasion serves up magic mushrooms at a cooking contest.  Jan is the embodiment of gitness but we all cheer him on anyway.

1.  Gendo Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

The biggest git in anime history without any doubt.  Showing no concern for others but himself and constantly ignoring the needs of his son (Shinji).  He also fools himself into thinking that he is battling the Angels for the good of mankind, when of course it is for his own ends.  Gendo often revels in his gitness when talking to Shinji and enjoys making him feel low and treating him like a simple employee of NERV rather then his own flesh and blood.  A role model for all up and coming gits.