Top Five by Tom (Webmaster)

5. Miss Yukari (Azumanga Daioh)

Proving that it takes more then just blind optimism and a belief you are good, Miss Yukari has less skill then Accrington Stanley after a night-out on the tiles.  Her belief of her greatness in the manga is hilarious though, nearly as funny as watching Scotland play. 

4. Shou Kazamatsuri (Whistle)

Shou dreams of being a great player and playing on his school team, but unfortunately they are in same division as the best school in the region so stand little chance.  Shou and his friends are determined to turn this around - do you think they will succeed?  This is a Shonen Jump manga, so my guess would be yes. 

3. Sanji (One Piece Soccer Special)

One Piece fans will know that Sanji has the most lethal legs of the seas and only fights by kicking.  In the One Piece Soccer Special he puts his legs to even better use in a penalty shoot-out between Luffy's crew and Buggy The Clown's crew.  When he takes his penalty he appears to have missed before the commentators notice an object in the sky from the opposite end of the stadium.  The ball glides into view and hammers into the goal.  Sanji kicked the ball around the world!  Back of the net!!

2. Zinedine Zidane (Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi)

Yes!  In what has to be the most random cameo ever, Zidine makes an appearance along with the rest of Real Madrid in the manga of Abenobashi!  He may be retiring after the World Cup but he won't be retiring from this top five anytime soon!  The midfielder didn't quite make the top spot though...

1. Tsubasa Ozora (Captain Tsubasa)

There could only be one!  Originally a series from the early 80's, Tsubasa was resurrected for the 2002 Japan/Korea World Cup and rightly so!  He's played for Barcelona and Saġ Paulo has well as his home country and has inspired real-life players Hidetoshi Nakata, Alessandro Del Piero, Francesco Coco and Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi.  How could he not be number one?  It's characters like this that make me believe Japan could actually be lifting the World Cup this year!  Go Japan!!  ___________________________________________________________________________