Top Five by Rich (Webmaster)

5.  Cammy (Streetfighter II)

I know most people would like to see her higher (she does, after all, rock), but this rock hard army gal does spend the vast majority of the animé film in a straight jacket drugged up to the eyeballs.  This being said she does seriously kick the crap out of some FBI type guys at the start of the animé, which nearly makes up for her being played by Kylie Minogue in the live action film.

4. Joker (R.O.D. - Read or Die)

Suave, sophisticated, and tasked with saving the world.  Always has time for a cup of tea.  Probably the most stereotypically English person in the list, but there’s still something about his calm and assured manner which makes us feel vaguely patriotic.

3. Sir Integra Helsing (Hellsing)

Apart from the odd heraldry (women generally don’t become Knights to our knowledge), Integra is an ice cool strategist that keeps the Vampire Arucard on her side and fights the forces of darkness and the Vatican on her own terms.  Again, depicting the English as assured, intelligent and strong-willed, Integra is one English Rose you wouldn’t mess with.

2. Cyborg 007 (Cyborg 009)

An alcoholic ex-actor turned superhuman military cyborg.  Do you need more?  Ok, he can shapeshift which (to our knowledge) is the only skill possessed by Cyborgs 001-008 that the Japanese golden boy Cyborg 009 can’t do to some degree.  Also his non-cyborg name is Great Britain.  Excellent!

1. Hello Kitty (Hello Kitty)

Yes, she’s English.  Believe it or not the official life story of this Japanese cultural icon, which is detailed at the ‘Sanrio Puroland’ theme park in Japan, gives her place of birth as London, England.  With tens of thousands of products officially licensed with her image – including everything from mittens to vibrators – the aforementioned feline is probably the most instantly recognisable Englishwoman on the planet.  How could she not be number one?