Top Five by Tom (Webmaster)

5. Angel Egg (Angelic Layer)

Dolls that can be controlled using your brainwaves?  Fantastic!  Don't expect the characters in Angelic Layer to be ordering the dolls around doll houses - no, they order to fight.  Of course you have to buy your doll first and it comes packaged with a laptop (?), instructions and the Angel Egg.  Sit with the egg in the bath for a while and viola!  That only hatches it - you still have to get clothes and cut the dolls hair and train the damn thing!  Swizz!!

4. Exeggcute (Pokémon)

Odd little Pokémon this - a collection of six small eggs which are all slightly cracked, one is even broken!  Quite handy if Ash and his gang run out of food on their travel of course, but you'd have to slaughter a few Vileplumes, Miltank sausages and a few rashers of Swinub for the full fry-up. 

3. Egg (Angel's Egg)

If you found Mamoru Oshii's philosophising in Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence, then you will probably watching is nearly dialogue-free Angel's Egg a nightmare.  A simple plot massively drawn out with plenty surreal images the basic plot is this: Guy with crucifix finds girl with egg.  Girl treasures egg waiting for it to hatch but this takes too long so guy smashes egg only to find nothing in egg!  Ah, nothing beats using an egg as an obvious metaphor, it's just the flying fish that kept appearing I didn't understand. 

2. Spirit Egg (Yu Yu Hakusho)

With a picture like this, it nearly made number one!  But in the end there was only one contender for the top spot...

1. Eggman (Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic X)

Egg by name - not by nature.  Eggman (also known as Dr Robotnik) is the arch-nemesis of Sonic but it is normally Eggman who ends up with yolk on his face due to his rubbish evil plans.  Poaching the residents of Green Hill and scrambling their brains to transform them into robots is a neat idea, but why make them small and so often egg-shaped like himself?  He's cracking up!