Top Five by Tom (Webmaster)

5. Krillin


Spending most of the series bald with six spots on his head, one might think that Krillin was naturally bald and that anyone who slagged him off for was going to get a destructo-disc up their ass.  But Krillin shocked us all at the start of the Great Sayaman saga by appearing with a full head of hair.  No explanation was given so either he had been shaving or did an Elton John.  Krillinís achievement must be honoured.

4. Super Saiyan Level 2

"I'm flying without wings..."

The most common of the Saiyan power-ups, SS level 2 causes the hair to glow yellow, stand on end and this somehow increases the fighterís power.  Although in real life reaching SS level 2 would make you look like a member of a boy-band, in Dragonball the awesome power it brings ensures it a place in this chart.

3. Hercule

Leo who?

Looking like a cross between Leo Sayer and a member of the Village People, Herculeís afro ensures him a place in this menagerie of hair.  Ok, it may look slightly camp and Hercule may be a fraud that claims to be the strongest person in the world, but he has an afro!  An afro people!

2. Oozaru

I was in Good Will Hunting doncherknow...

It was close to being top but the fact that it is uneasy for a Saiyan to control themselves after transforming into this King Kong-like beast means it just misses.  The Oozaru hairstyle completely covers the Saiyan in hair, making them look like Robin Williams.  All-out destruction is the unfortunate consequence of becoming Oozaru and proves that in Dragonball more hair means more power.

1. Super Saiyan Level 3


After a lot of screaming, determination and apparent constipation, it is possible for one to reach SS Level 3.  This causes a large increase in power, hair going all the way down the back and the voice to break.  Although the most effeminate of all the hairstyles in this chart, the viewer doesnít get to see it very often.  The huge amount of power that comes with it allows for some visual treats in terms of attacks and this clinches the top spot.