Top Five by Tom (Webmaster)

5. Togepi (Pokémon)

A Pokémon which has not yet fully hatched from its egg, Togepi is carried around by its trainer Misty in the animé, which means it has a very cuddly appearance.  Togepi’s main ability is not known to Misty and her friends but to the viewer it is obvious – Togepi’s cuteness.  

4. Ryo-oh-ki (Tenchi Muyo)

A cross between a cat and a rabbit, Ryoko’s pet is an adorable little creature that also happens to be a spaceship.  In it’s smaller form though Ryo-oh-ki is incredibly cute and is very hard not to like.

3. Sootballs (Spirited Away)

The Sootballs are soot that has been brought to life with magic.  In exchange for the gift of life they stoke the boiler at Yubaba’s bathhouse.  What makes them cute is not so much their appearance but their ability to learn and their fondness of Chihiro.  The squeaking noise they make seals the deal.

2. Rishu (Guardian Angel Getten)

One of the star spirits which serves the Guardian Angel Getten, Rishu's appearance is basically a chibi version of her master.  Rishu’s inability to speak means her emotions are more heart-felt as she has to make much more of an effort to get her point across.  She may be the most naďve of all the star spirits but Rishu is the one with the most heart and the one who always strives to make her master happy.  One of the cutest creatures in any manga.

1. Mew (Pokémon)

The rarest of all those collectible critters, Mew is also the cutest of them all.  It’s small, pink, talks in a high-pitched voice and advocates peace.  On top of the that it cannot be denied Mew is the cutest thing ever and even the most hardened anti-Pokémonist would find it hard to say otherwise.