Top Five by Tom & Rich (Webmasters)

5.  Karin Maaka (Chibi Vampire)

Karin is an odd vampire.  Rather then feed on blood she produces it, especially in high quantities through her nose when near guys she likes.  As hilarious as this is, we don't want to see awkward romantic situations but action, killings and the erotic biting of necks.  I'm hoping that half-way through the series Karin suddenly slaughters a passer-by in cold blood and sucks him dry, thus discovering she is a proper vampire.  But sadly that probably won't happen.

4. Linda (Blood: The Last Vampire)

One half of the pair of vampires Saya slaughters in the nurse's office, Linda didn't really stand a chance against the sword of the superior vampire hunter.  I know she is a bed-ridden anaemic, but all she does is sit up in bed before being quickly killed.  At least her comrade put up a fight!

3. Dracula (Dragon Ball

Ah, another Dragon Ball comedy villain. Dracula is the servant of the all-seeing crone and is one of the fighters Son Goku & co must overcome in order to get a wish granted.  He is defeated by Puar. PUAR.  My gran could beat up Puar, and she has arthritis.

2. Doctor Fering (Vampire Hunter D)

Turned into a vampire by the evil Count Magnus to snare the nubile but hilariously named Doris, this kindly village doctor is a bit of a pathetic vampire by anyone's standards.  He gets about five minutes of screen time before plummeting off a cliff, not only does he fail in his evil mission but he ends up apologising to the girl he was trying to capture!  Real vampires don't apologise!  And why does his skin colour change randomly from scene to scene?

1. Incognito (Hellsing)

Just look at him.  Need I say more?  I do?  Ok...he was not in the manga, in the manga they had a sinister Nazi nutjob, in the original anime series they overtook the manga and had to make something up.  So they came up with something that looks like bastard offspring of Street Fighter IV's Seth and Soul Calibur's Voldo.  After reconstructive surgery.  Arucard can turn into a demonic hound and a swarm of bats, and is armed to the teeth with vampire-slaying weaponry, whilst Incognito attacks people using coloured lines.  At no point does he even suck anyone's blood, rubbish!!