Top Five by Rich (Webmaster)

5.  Tuxedo Mask's Rose Throwing (Sailor Moon)

Yep, Tuxedo Mask, the dashing hero who aids the Sailor Scouts in their battle with the Negaverse with his powers of errr, horticulture.  Yes, Mask appears to have but one 'power', and that is to appear in high places and throw roses in front of enemies.  If he learned to throw knives he may actually be of some use, but it'd only get edited out in the English version.

4. Hyatt's Regular Death (Excel Saga)

Hyatt is an agent for the secret ideological organisation of Across who aims to take over the world.  The problem is that she keeps dying, which can really hamper a world domination plan.  Her awesome recuperative powers would be useful though, as long as she didn't have to constantly employ them to combat her fragile health...

3. Tsunade's Slug Summoning (Naruto)

She may be one of the legendary Sannin Ninja, and have amazing medical skills and strength, but whilst her compatriots can summon a gigantic serpent and a samurai frog (really), she can summon...a slug.  A gigantic white and blue slug, which can spit easily dodgeable goo and split into lots of little slugs.  Pointless.

2. Imaginary Tree Growing (My Neighbour Totoro)

The gentle forest spirit Totoro can summon the terrifying Catbus and fly on a spinning top (no, really), but his most awesome power comes midway through the film when he causes a seed to grow to mighty tree of immense proportions in the space of seconds!  This would be more impressive however, if it was still there in the morning...

1. Green Glow (Idol of Darkness)

For no apparent reason and at seemingly random moments the main character in Idol of Darkness glows green.  Why, we do not know.  Maybe he has been eating radioactive Ready Brek.  Whilst this power possibly helps him defeat a demon (we can't be sure of this), it does seem to be brought on by him thinking about a pop idol, which could cause much embarrassment if he ends up with someone else.  There seem to be no other special abilities brought on by his luminescence, although he would be a useful guy to know during a power cut.