Top Five by Tom & Rich (Webmasters)

5.  Ninja Bats (Usagi Yojimbo)

Look at the above picture.  Feel threatened by that?  Nope me neither.  The Komori clan of ninja bats are surprisingly threatening despite this, cutting opponents to shreds with ease and often attacking in great numbers they make a formidable foe.  That doesn't change the fact they look crap though, plus, by charging in and not using no stealth whatsoever, do they even deserve to be called ninjas?

4. Sasuke Sarugakure (Ranma 1/2)

In the original manga of Ranma 1/2, the Kuno family had no need of a personal ninja bodyguard, given they fact that they are hard as nails.  So why introduce one as an original character for the anime?  Enter Sasuke Sarugakure, pint-sized annoying Krillin lookalike that does most of the things the character Gosungki does in the manga.  The fact that they eventually introduced Gosungki into the anime shows that the character is a mistake and tells you all you need to know really.  He reveals himself far too often to his enemy, always gets defeated and is generally rubbish.  The only ninja thing he does is jump into trees occasionally. 

3. Ninja Murasaki/Sergeant Major Purple (Dragon Ball

A comedy ninja he may be, but he manages to be both pants and unfunny.  Purple's main power is to pretend to split into five clones to confuse and disorientate his enemies.  This, like all of his 'powers', is a trick and he in fact gangs up with his four identical brothers to beat opponents with pratfalls and weight of numbers.  Eventually Son Goku gets bored of the Three Stooges slapstick schtick and kicks the shit out of him.

2. Random Ninja (Speed Racer)

There are lots of random ninjas in so many series, but this guy is the most random of the lot.  For starters, Speed Racer is a show which is unsurprisingly about racing.  Secondly why does a ninja show up anyway and, thirdly, why is he so crap?  After unsuccessfully trying to poison the hero Speed, he is attacked by a brat and his pet chimp.  He then comes up against John Goodman and swiftly gets his arse kicked.  You would have thought most ninjas would be nimble enough to dodge the moves of the guy who played King Ralph, maybe he should just stick to....whatever his day job is.

1. Ten Ten (Naruto)

Ten Ten not only has a pretty crap name, but she does knob all for the entire run of Naruto so far.  Her special skill seems to be summoning lots of sharp things and throwing them at people, which she carries on doing even though it has never helped her win a fight.  In fact the only person she has defeated in Naruto was a clone of herself, come on, even Konohamaru has done more than that...