Top Five by Tom (Webmaster)

5. Pen-pen (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

A penguin in Japan?  Pen-pen is Misatoís pet, lives in the freezer and provides much of the comic relief in Evangelion.  Pen-pen seems more intelligent then it should be as it often joins in with the jaw dropping and sweat drop moments along with the human characters.  He has no bearing on the plot whatsoever.  Whatís going on?  I have no idea. 

4. Kodama (Princess Mononoke)

Small white forest spirits which are a sign of good luck but are somewhat disturbing due to their fully rotating heads that sound like a babyís rattle.  Their main pastime is climbing trees to welcome the great forest spirit and revelling in strong winds.  Whatís going on?  I have no idea. 

3. Tama (Love Hina)

A turtle that can fly?  Thatís Tama.  Hobbies include scaring Motoko, avoiding Suís intentions of eating him and sitting on Mutsumiís head.  He also provides the inspiration for Suís mech creations.  Whatís going on?  I have no idea. 

2. Puuchu (Excel Saga)

From outer space comes a group of invaders armed with wash beaters, hidden faces, a haemophiliac princess and unbearable cuteness.  Their goal is to rule the world and make random cameos throughout the show.  Whatís going on?  I have no idea. 

1. Catbus (My Neighbour Totoro)

The name describes it exactly Ė an amalgamation of a cat and a bus.  This shows up without any warning whatsoever during the film, it lets Totoro get in and then runs off.  It does this all with an inane Cheshire-like grin that makes you wonder whether it good or bad.  Thankfully it is good but that doesnít explain why it is bus.  Whatís going on?  I have no idea.