Top Five by Tom (Webmaster)

5. Calamity Gundam (Gundam SEED)

Seriously, this guy is far from a calamity.  With more weapons then the US Army, Calamity Gundam is of similar design to Buster Gundam but is massively improved with new armour and more firepower in the form of an energy cannon, long-range cannon, dual-ram cannon and a bloody big bazooka.  When you own stuff like that, you ain't a calamity. 

4. Bakunetsumaru (SD Gundam)

Well you didn't expect me not to put in a chibi Gundam did you?  Bakunetsumaru is the best of the super-deformed gang as well with his firing shogun appearance you don't want to mess.  A fiery opponent indeed plus I saw him in 3D glory in a Japanese cinema and he looked damn cool. 

3. Super Gundam (Zeta Gundam)

Formed when the G-Defenser docks with the Mobile Suit, Super Gundam is a scary sight for the enemy to behold due to it's sheer array of defence.  The armament units become shields, use missile pods, vulcan guns and one incredibly long rifle.  Plus it looks the part - loaded with weapons and slick - how Gundams should be. 

2. Wing Zero (Gundam Wing)

The ancestor of all Gundams and specifically designed for space combat and twice as powerful as Wing Gundam, Wing Zero was a serious contender for the top spot.  Yes it does look fantastic but the 'neo-bird' does let it slightly in terms of coolness.  We don't want angel like Gundams do we?  We want badasses, so number one goes to....

1. Deathscythe (Gundam Wing)

Without the coolest Gundam ever created, Deathscythe as it all.  The brooding black tinted with gold and contrasting with white makes such a difference to the usual blues and military colours of most Gundams.  Deathscythe is all about style and it's weapon of choice - a massive gert scythe - cements its number one spot!