Top Five by Tom (Webmaster)

5.  Boh (Spirited Away)

Chihiro has been through a lot.  Her parents have been turned into pigs, she has had her name stolen, she has had to bathe a water god covered in putrid waste & filth, seen her friend Haku being attacked by paper dolls and has the mental ‘Noh-Face’ stalking her while he is eating everyone else.  But surely none of that compares to walking into a room and finding a 7ft baby underneath the cushions.  It’s even more worrying when he says he will break Chichiro’s arm unless she’ll play with him!

But Boh is ok because he then gets turned into a mouse and likes Chichiro in the end.  Hooray!

4. Tetsuo Shima (Akira)

Angst-ridden biker Tetsuo was fine just trying to gain the respect of his elder friend and mentor Kaneda, until he nearly crashed into a human experiment that blew his bike up with Tetsuo on it.  The government then took Tetsuo away and experimented on him, giving him psychic and telepathic powers that Tetsuo can’t handle.  The powers prove too much and Tetsuo goes on a killing spree of Neo-Tokyo just because he’s an angst-ridden twat.

But of course that can't go on too long and the huge power begins to hideously mutate Tetsuo.  So begins the endless pub conversation of millions of animé fans as they try to explain their theories that will answer that age old question: WHY THE HELL DID TETSUO TURN INTO A BABY?

3. Lord Enma Jr. (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Sometimes being Lord of the underworld can prove just too much for even the mighty Lord Enma.  So what better way to take a breather then to let your son have a bit of work experience managing hell for a week or two?

2. Daigoro (Lone Wolf & Cub)

A baby pushed around in a wooden pram by his Samurai father.  Nothing else has to be said.  

1. Cyborg 001 (Cyborg 009)

The son of the mad Dr Gamo, Ivan has cybernetic enhancements which consist of amazing telepathic abilities and a higher IQ then Stephen Hawking.  This enables him to lead the rebel group of nine cyborgs which escaped from the clutches of Black Ghost who wished to use their superhuman abilities for evil.  Now the group are using their abilities to fight Black Ghost in order to stop him from destroying the world.

But look at the picture above – the group is led by a baby.  A BABY.  If that weren’t good enough Ivan maintains the respect from his fellow cyborgs simply by the power of his mind, as he is still too young to talk physically.  A true ‘new-born’ leader I think you’ll agree.

Louis Armstrong has it right – ‘I see babies cry, I watch them grow, they’ll know much more then I’ll ever know’. Damn right!