Welcome to our General Retailers page!  Below you will find links to a selection of websites that sell anime and manga goods as part of a larger catalogue.  We have tried to give an explanation of what you can buy at each one as well as any other information we feel is worth noting.

Please note that all retailers deal in Sterling () unless otherwise stated.

Do you know of an General retailer we haven't mentioned?  If so please e mail us!!  We want to make this as comprehensive as possible so any help you can provide will be much appreciated!

Amazon UK

Amazon is an established and reliable place to buy both anime and manga, and it carries a large stock of both.  Soundtrack CDs and imported DVDs are also available.  Prices are very competitive for manga, whereas anime generally matches high street prices.  Also incorporates an auction site and offers free postage on UK orders over 15 in value.

Any Toys UK

An experienced retailer of unusual toys and gadgets from around the world, with a focus on Japanese collectibles, e-toys and virtual pets.  The site carries a growing selection of anime goods - particularly capsule toys - for the likes of Dragonball Z and Astro Boy, as well as plenty of other Japanese weirdness!!  Ships from the UK and offers a choice of postage options, plus same day delivery on orders before 1pm. ___________________________________________________________________________

CD Japan

A Japanese retailer who have an English language site and will post to the UK.  A good site for getting Japanese DVDs and CDs, and it carries a wide range of anime and manga goods too.  The prices are all charged in Japanese Yen so a credit card is essential for shopping on the site, and there is an extensive range of delivery options to choose from so postage costs vary.  General CD and DVD prices are about the same as they would be in Japanese shops - so are slightly higher than UK high street prices.  It is also worth noting that large orders could be liable for import duties when they reach the UK.


Has one of the most exhaustive lists of US (Region 1) anime DVDs on the net.  Although the prices are quite high, DC-DVD are one of the few sites to cover any import duties in your stead, and is also one of the few places to sell hentai DVDs.  Charges a 1 surcharge on debit card transactions.

DVD Pacific

By far the cheapest place we have seen to buy US (Region 1) anime DVDs, they carry a large selection with plenty of boxsets and special editions available for jaw-dropping prices.   However, Inland Revenue & Customs have been checking a lot of parcels from them recently, which has lead to a lot of delays in receiving goods and a higher likelihood than normal of being hit by Import Duty on large orders.  Even with the duties the prices are still lower than most other retailers though.  There are a selection of delivery options and the postage rates vary according to which you choose and the size of your order.

eBay UK

A good place to pick up rare or unusual anime and manga goods for decent prices.  Obviously the prices and items available vary all of the time, and, like all auction sites, it is rife with pirated items so we cannot stress enough the importance of reading Digital Anime's Piracy FAQ if you want to avoid being ripped off.  If you are careful there are some good bargains to be had here though.


A site specialising in all areas of Japanese culture, they stock Japanese snacks, magazines, language aids, clothing, figures, adult toys and DVDs. 

All prices are listed in US Dollars and they accept several different pay options including PayPal and Google Checkout as well as all major credit cards.  A range of postage options are available and they deliver worldwide. 


Dedicated Japanese culture which sells just about every Japanese item you can think of.  DVDs, CDs, books, electronic gizmos, figures, clothing, trading cards, snacks and video games (stretching from Virtual Boy to PS3!). 

Play-Asia accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Western Union and MoneyBookers as forms of payment.  Offers a range of shipping options and will post worldwide.   


The best place to get UK anime DVDs.  Has a dedicated anime section and, as well as nearly always having some anime in a sale, the normal prices are often around 15%-25% below RRP.  Also stock a large amount of manga titles and a have rapidly growing selection of anime figures.  Offers free postage to the UK on all items, and deals in Euros as well as Sterling.

Play USA

An offshoot of Play.Com which sells US (Region 1) DVDs, and also has similar great prices.  The selection of anime is not as good as other sites, but the prices are pretty competitive, and it offers free postage to the UK.  However, it does not cover you for potential import duties, although the price including them is still often lower than the price given at the outset on other sites.


UK site which has a excellent, if limited, anime DVD section with competitive prices.  Delivery is free. 


Shopping site dedicated to Asian culture, they also stock Chinese and Korean products as well as a wide range of Japanese merchandise.  Items on sale include DVDs, CD, manga, books, games, figures, books, magazines and video games.  They also stock a limited range of Western items. 

Prices are very competitive and shipping is free worldwide.  They accept all major credit cards and PayPal.