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28th September 2006

Free anime!

Film review magazine DVD Monthly has been a decent supporter of the anime scene for a fair while, and this continues with this month's issue.  The cover-mounted DVD on the current issue contains an entire free episode of the dark and brooding Serial Experiments Lain, providing the perfect opportunity to check out this superb but challenging series without having to commit to buying the soon-to-be-released boxset.  Keep an eye open for the mag in all good newsagents and check out our review of the Serial Experiments Lain Box Set here!

Source: WH Smith

21st September 2006

ADV sale!

The official website for ADV films is currently holding a sale, with titles such as the excellent Gunsmith Cats available from just £5.99.  Click here for the full list and please note that some titles are only in the sale until the end of this month, but many more are available until the end of the year. 

Source: ADV Films

21st September 2006

ADV to release budget taster box

ADV Films have let us know that they are to release a budget box set containing tasters of some of their most recent series. 

Entitled the 'bento box', it will be released on 16th October 2006 priced at just £5.99 and will an episode from each of the following series: Area 88, Cromartie High School, Get Backers and Gilgamesh.  Languages include both English 5.1 and Japanese 2.0 with information on each series plus a glossary of terms and the set will carry a 15 certificate. 

At just £5.99 this is an excellent bargain for fans who have to see any of the above series and we hope to see more of these bargain boxes in the future. 

Source: ADV Films

17th September 2006

Better rate then never

After much discussion we have now starting rating our reviews out of five.  We have gone back and rated all our previous reviews and will be rating all reviews out of five from on. 

A description of the ratings system can be found on our main reviews page and the new rating can be found on the bottom of each review.    ___________________________________________________________________________

15th September 2006

Get two Ghibli DVDs for just £14!

The website of Choices UK is currently running a buy one get one free promotion on Studio Ghibli DVDs meaning you can get two quality films for just £14!  The following titles are including in the offer (click the titles in green to read our review):

The Castle Of Cagilostro
The Cat Returns
Grave of the Fireflies
Howl's Moving Castle
Kiki's Delivery Service
Laputa, Castle in the Sky
The Little Norse Prince
My Neighbours the Yamadas
My Neighbour Totoro
Nausicaš Of The Valley Of The Wind
Only Yesterday
Pom Poko
Porco Rosso
Princess Mononoke
Spirited Away
Whisper of the Heart

All the titles in the list are highly recommended and this is a rare offer well worth taking advantage of.  Click here to go to the offer directly at the Choices UK website. 

Source: Anime UK News

14th September 2006

ADV & Nintendo crossover

ADV Films have sent us further news on their next big release Samurai Gun.  The first volume will contain a free bonus disc containing footage of the forthcoming Nintendo Wii release Red Steel.  Conversely, Red Steel will contain a bonus disc featuring an episode of Samurai Gun and ADV materials when it is released on the launch of the Wii later this year. 

Hopefully this crossover will be the first of many initiatives to bring new audiences to anime.  The more crossovers the better, hopefully we could see music crossovers soon.   

Click here to see the press release in full, which contains full details and images of Samurai Gun & Red Steel

Source: ADV Films

13th September 2006

Animetion starts affiliation schemes

As part of our ongoing evolution and communication with retailers, we have now started entering affiliation schemes.  This will not affect the look of the site drastically and will mainly be restricted to our retailers and links sections.  Any redesign of our main page will keep the affiliate banners to a minimum as we do not intend them to overwhelm the look of the site.  We hope to spread awareness of retailers and designers by entering into affiliation schemes, and spreading awareness can only be a good thing. 

13th September 2006

ADV press release

ADV Films have sent us their latest press release, giving information on their latest titles Samurai Gun, Yugo The Negotiator as well as Madlax: Convergence and the platinum box set release of Neon Genesis Evangelion

Click here to see the press release in full. 

Source: ADV Films

12th September 2006

MVM Clips!

Boxset fever continues next month with sets of two of MVM's best series hitting the shelves at the same time!  The Paranoia Agent Box Set and the Serial Experiments Lain Box Set are due for release on 2nd October, priced at £39.99 each.  Those who missed out on these unique series on their initial release should definitely consider picking them up, there really isn't anything like them!  Don't believe us?  Check out these clips and judge for yourself...

Paranoia Agent Clip 1 - High / Low
Paranoia Agent Clip 2 - High / Low
Paranoia Agent Clip 3 - High / Low

Serial Experiments Lain Clip 1 - High / Low
Serial Experiments Lain Clip 2 - High / Low
Serial Experiments Lain Clip 3 - High / Low

Source: MVM

3rd September 2006

Anime on TV

A good start this month for TV showings!  As previously reported, Jonathon Ross' Japanorama returns to BBC3 on Thursday 7th September at 11pm and repeated the following day at 11.35pm.  Film 4 also continue their showings of Studio Ghibli films with The Cat Returns (read our review here) showing today (in dubbed English) at 3pm and again (in Japanese with subtitles) on Thursday 7th September at 3pm.  Film 4 will also be showing Princess Mononoke again (dubbed in English) on Friday 8th September at 6.25pm. 

Source: BBC, Film4