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30th May 2007

Free Anime Stream!

To tie in with the launch of their download to rent and download to buy services, ADV Films are giving people the chance to watch the first episode of Guyver: The Bioboosted Armour for free!  To watch the episode streamed over the internet, please click on whichever of the following links is relevant to your internet connection speed:

Guyver Episode 1 - Broadband
Guyver Episode 1 - High
Guyver Episode 1 - Low

ADV titles are available for download from the following websites: www.vizumi.com, www.lovefilm.com, www.empiremoviedownloads.com and www.tiscali.movies.co.uk.  Please visit them and ADV Films' website for more info!

Source: ADV Films

30th May 2007

New Highlander Vengeance Clip!

 Following on from the clip of Highlander Vengeance Manga released a couple of weeks ago (see news item dated 14th May), they have now released a trailer for the film.  Click on this link to view the trailer, and click here to read our review of the film from the recent Anime Allnighter.

Source: Manga Entertainment

30th May 2007

New ADV Releases!

An eagle-eyed scan of online retailer Play.Com has revealed a host of ADV titles pencilled in for July and August!  Some of them are previously unannounced, please check out our Release Schedule and the list below for dates.  We'll add full press releases as soon as we get them.


2nd July 2007

Excel Saga Complete Collection Box Set
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World vol 3

16th July 2007

Le Chevalier D'Eon vol 2
Nurse Witch Komugi
Slayers Complete Collection Movies Box Set

6th August 2007

A Tree of Palme
Elfen Lied Complete Collection Box Set
Guyver: The Bioboosted Armour vol 2

20th August 2007

Last Exile Complete Series Box Set
Utawarerumono vol 1

Source: Play.Com

30th May 2007

Barbican Anime Screenings

The Barbican Cinema in London is continuing its anime season with two events both introduced by anime guru Helen McCarthy!  First up is the Guyver Fest on Tuesday 26th June, which promises to be an intriguing night as Helen McCarthy dissects the Guyver franchise and explores its ongoing popularity.  The first four episodes of the new Guyver anime series will be shown too.  The second event is a retrospective looking at the 20 year history of leading anime studio Production I.G. on Tuesday 31st July, which will cumulate with screening of Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Solid State Society and a feature length edit of the first four episodes of Le Chevalier D'Eon.  Ticket prices for both events is 7 (6 concessions), which is a bargain for events like these, particularly for ones held in London.  Check out www.barbican.org.uk/film for more details, and get booking!

Source: Barbican

29th May 2007

Post Expo News

 Yes, it's time for the news roundup following the MCM London Expo!  Here we go...

ADV Films - With MVM making their announcements prior to the Expo, it was left to ADV to grab the headlines with a host of new license announcements.  First up is the futuristic spy story 009-1, and it's joined by fellow sci-fi series Kurau: Phantom Memory and Innocent Venus, as well as fantasy titles Magikano, Pumpkin Scissors and Utwarerumono.  The bill is rounded off with drama Red Garden and comedy drama titles The Wallflower and Welcome to the NHK.  It's unclear how many of these will see the light of day this year, and following ADV's previous news about their download releases, some may not even come to DVD.  As always we'll keep you posted...

Beez - Only a single license announcement from Beez this time, but considering how quiet they've been of late it's great to see that they are licensing anything.  Their announcement was the continuation of the .hack:// franchise with the acquisition of .hack://ROOTS, the first volumes of which will be special edition sets with artboxes and other goodies.

Manga Entertainment - No license announcements were forthcoming, apart from the confirmation of the quarter 3 release for the superb looking Karas: The Revelation.  They did announce that they would be doing more events similar to the recent Naruto Cosplay Parties though, and hope to do an event to tie in with the DVD release of Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Solid State Society.  More news as we get it!

MVM - All their news was announced prior to the event, so there was only confirmation of what we reported below.  Still, we can't wait for Ergo Proxy and Trinity Blood!

Optimum Asia - A bit of a surprise one from Optimum as no announcement as such was made.  Instead a flyer in the Expo bag advertised the upcoming release of the visually stunning Jin-Roh: The Wolf BrigadeOptimum have always maintained a position of only releasing quality titles and because of this have been quite quiet since they released the excellent Studio Ghibli film Only Yesterday.  Here's hoping that they pick up some more excellent films in future, and we'll get details on the release asap.

Revelation Films - Despite attending their first Expo, Revelation weren't involved in the industry panel and made no new announcements.  Their promo material confirmed the upcoming releases of Peach Girl, Mushishi, Beck, Tenchi GXP and Suzuka though.  They also presented a surprise cinema screening in London of Fullmetal Alchemist The Movie: Conqueror of Shamballah and Robotech Shadow Chronicles on the Sunday night, but we weren't able to stick around for them, nooooo!

 There will probably be some more news fallout from the Expo and we'll bring it as and when we hear it!

Source: MCM London Expo; Eyeonanime.co.uk

24th May 2007

Expo News & MVM Announcements

 As is traditional the three main anime companies have issued press releases in the run up to this weekend's MCM London Expo.  Most interesting to many fans will be MVM's announcement of two new licenses!  Both are full on action shows, first up is Black Cat, a stylish actioner about a cold-hearted killer who learns the value of human life and second is the classic testosterone-charged fantasy tale Berserk, which tells the story of a mighty swordsman attempting to escape from demons and track down the man who set them on him.  Add to this the confirmation of action horror Trinity Blood and gothic actioner Ergo Proxy and it's clear that MVM are going to take some upstaging in the licensing stakes this year!

ADV Films and Manga Entertainment are keeping their cards closer to their chests, but ADV have promised some new license announcements.  However, most of ADV's focus is on the upcoming launch of the Anime Network in the UK (see previous news item, below) and the launch of their download service.  ADV are making a number of shows available for legal download, either on a rental or permanent basis, through several download websites.  Interestingly several shows - Air Gear, Comic Party Revolution and Chance Pop Session - are only going to be available through download, so it'll be interesting to see how they do.

Last but by no means least is Manga Entertainment, who have steered clear of making any early licensing hints.  However, we're sure they'll have something up their sleeves, but in the meantime expect a heavy focus on Naruto and their forthcoming anime films Highlander: Search for Vengeance and Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society at their stall.  They have also confirmed exclusive sneak peaks of all of these titles over the weekend, so keep your eyes open for them!  We'll have a full report on the event on our return on Monday, but in the meantime check out the following press releases for more details!

MVM Press Release
ADV Films News Bulletin
Manga Entertainment Press Release

Source: MVM, ADV Films, Manga Entertainment

17th May 2007

Naruto Day News

 Manga Entertainment have issued a new press release about the forthcoming Naruto Parties on 21st May in Virgin Megastores on London's Oxford Street and Manchester's Arndale Centre.  Firstly is the surprise announcement that David Wittenberg - the voice of Kakashi from the anime series - will be appearing at the London party to sign copies of the DVD!  J-Pop bands are also playing live at both parties, with Levelload and Miami appearing at the London Party and Motocompo at the Manchester one!

Interest in both Parties appears to be very high, and as such space at the stage area is limited.  In order to make sure you can get a place at the stage for the J-Pop performances and Cosplay Competition make sure you head down to the relevant Virgin store and grab a wristband.  Wristbands will be available in store on the day of the event from 4.30 onwards, and are expected to go fast so get their early to avoid disappointment.  It's worth noting that Cosplayers taking part in the competition will need to get a wristband and register on the day between 5.30pm and 6.10pm at the Cosplay Sign Up desks at each store.  There are some great prizes on offer so make sure you don't miss out!  For full information on the Naruto party, including prizes on offer and a schedule of events, check out the press release by clicking here.  For background info and to register your interest in the cosplay competition (you will still have to register on the day, but this is so Virgin can get a handle on the numbers expected) visit www.narutounleashed.co.uk!

Source: Manga Entertainment

16th May 2007

Akira Artbook to Get UK Release!

 Anyone who has tried to import anime artbooks in the past will known how expensive and awkward it can be.  Delivery can take ages and the mark up on the Japanese price is astronomical.  However, in recent months though a few artbooks have been reissued in English in the US, and now for the first time one is getting a UK release!  The Akira Club art book, which often sold for 40 on import websites, is being released in hardback form for the bargainous price of 24.99 by Titan Books this July.  As far as we're aware this is the first time an anime art book has received a UK release, and it's a damn good one too.  Check out the press release by clicking here, and don't miss the book when it's released!

Source: Titan Books

14th May 2007

Anime Network Launches in the UK!!

 One of the many things UK anime fans are jealous of our American cousins for is the Anime Network.  A 24-hour on demand anime TV channel available in large parts of the USA, the Anime Network is something that has always been out of reach of the niche UK market.  But no longer.  ADV Films (who run the channel in the US) have signed a deal with UK TV channel Propeller TV (Sky channel 195) the bring a taste of the Anime Network to UK screens in the form of a two-hour Anime Network programme block on Sunday nights between 8 and 10pm!  The block will be presented by T4's Stuart Claw and Sweatdrop artist Emme Vieceli and starts on Sunday 3rd June.  Anime initially lined up for screening include Coyote Ragtime Show, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Guyver The Bio-Boosted Armour and Elfen Lied, but more is certain to come if the block is a success.  If you have access to Sky TV make sure you don't miss this, not only will you be able to see some of ADV's latest shows but if it's a success it may go some way to waking up mainstream channels to anime.  Here's hoping!  Click here to see the press release.

Source: ADV Films

14th May 2007

Highlander Vengeance Clip!

 Fans of swordfighting immortals rejoice!  Manga Entertainment have put a clip from the forthcoming Highlander: Search For Vengeance anime online!  For those unaware of the film, Highlander: Search for Vengeance is the latest spin-off from the classic 1986 action film Highlander, which starred Christopher Lambert as an immortal Scottish clansman destined to fight other immortal warriors to the death in 1980's New York.  This latest version is a US/Japan co-production directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Ninja Scroll) and animated by Madhouse (Ninja Scroll, Trigun, Perfect Blue).  Click here to see the clip, and click here to read our review of the film from the recent Anime Allnighter.

Source: Manga Entertainment

14th May 2007

ADV Online Video Streaming Channels

 Those who don't know may be interested to hear that ADV Films have launched their own dedicated video channels on streaming websites YouTube and Bebo.  As well as trailers for their forthcoming anime series, the channels focus on news, reviews and interviews with fans at anime events across the country.  Look out for the ADV camcorder at the MCM London Expo at the end of May, and check out channels at the following links:

ADV Films on YouTube
ADV Films on Bebo

Source: ADV Films

14th May 2007

Free Anime with DVD Monthly

 DVD review magazine DVD Monthly once again comes with a free anime episode this month!  The current issue comes with an episode of the excellent Trigun on its covermounted DVD, to tie in with the forthcoming release of the Trigun Box Set from MVM.  If you have yet to see this superb series be sure to pick the magazine up!

Source: WH Smiths

29th April 2007

Totoro Section Launched!

 Following on from the launch of our Naruto and Love Hina sections earlier this month, we've now completed a new section dedicated to Hayao Miyazaki's masterpiece My Neighbour Totoro!  The section includes an image gallery, weblinks and more info about the film than you can shake a stick at, including details of the spin-off film Mei & The Kittenbus.  To have a look click on the following link: 

My Neighbour Totoro Section

Don't forget to check out our other dedicated minisites by clicking on the 'Titles' button below our logo!

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