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26th December 2004

Out This Week

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie (Warner Brothers) Cert: PG

The last UK animé release of the year sneaks out between Christmas and New Year, which seems like a missed opportunity to us - a Yu-Gi-Oh! title would no doubt have sold quite well in the run up to Christmas, but as it is the film comes out with little ceremony.  Also worth noting for those who import from the US is that Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence is released this Tuesday in America following a successful cinema run - keep an eye open for the UK release next year.

Source:  Play.com

25th December 2004

Merry Christmas!!!

We hope you all had a good un!!

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12th December 2004

Out on 20th December!!

Angelic Layer vol 5: Deus Ex Machina (ADV Films) Cert: PG
Azumanga Daioh vol 3: Rivals! (ADV Films) Cert: PG
Generator Gawl: The Complete Collection 1-4 Boxset (ADV Films) Cert: 12
Kino's Journey vol 2: Merging Lanes (ADV Films) Cert: PG
Last Exile vol 1: First Move (ADV Films) Cert: PG
Mahoromatic - Automatic Maiden vol 2: Haunting Past (ADV Films) Cert: 15

We thought we'd list out the last animé releases before Christmas a bit earlier than usual so people can get their shopping in!!!  From next year we'll list the month's releases at the start of the month rather than as and when they come out which will hopefully be better for everyone!!

The last releases before Christmas are all from ADV Films, who round the year off impressively with the continuation of several popular series and another boxset, this time of the hugely underrated Generator Gawl.  But the title set to turn the most heads is the first volume of Japanese studio Gonzo's popular Last Exile, a stunningly animated mix of 1940's style aviation and futuristic cool which has earned plaudits in the US and Japan, and will hopefully be equally successful here.

Source:  ADV Films

12th December 2004

Out Now!!!

.hack://QUARANTINE (Atari) Playstation 2

Released last Friday .hack://QUARANTINE is the fourth and final part of the .hack saga on the PS2, and it also comes with the fourth and final part of the .hack://LIMINALITY OVA series.  It has not been as successful as Atari must have hoped, but it does help tie the epic .hack world together, and is worth a look if only for the free OVA.

Source:  GAME

12th December 2004

Please Beez Help Me

Sadly several of the Beez releases expected this month have slipped yet again.  We now have to wait until January to get our grubby mitts on the Gundam boxsets and Cowboy Bebop, although the Escaflowne set should be out now.  We'll keep you posted when we hear more.

Source:  Play.com

1st December 2004

Howl to Make Friends & Influence People

The UK rights to Howl's Moving Castle has been snapped up by Optimum Releasing, the company who previously brought us both Spirited Away and Grave of the Fireflies.  A September 2005 cinema release is pencilled in for the film, and, if Spirited Away is anything to go by, Optimum will certainly make sure that it is given a superb release which will only serve to increase the profile of animé in the UK.

Source:  Optimum Releasing

1st December 2004

Cat's The Way

Optimum Releasing have confirmed to us that The Cat Returns - the first film Studio Ghibli released after the hugely successful Spirited Away - will be hitting UK cinemas next March with a DVD release following later in the year.  The English dub for the film is currently being recorded in America featuring the likes of Anne Hatheway, Carey Ewles and Tim Curry.

Source:  Optimum Releasing, Nausicaä Net

1st December 2004

Out Next Monday!

.hack://SIGN vol 6 (Beez) Cert: PG
Cowboy Bebop vol 1 (Beez) Cert: PG
Escaflowne The Collection Boxset 2 (Beez) Cert: PG
Gundam Wing Boxset 4 (Beez) Cert: PG
Gundam Wing Boxset 5 (Beez) Cert: PG

December starts with a bang courtesy of Beez, who will (hopefully) release the above on Monday 6th.  The Gundam Wing sets, the Escaflowne boxset and Cowboy Bebop vol 1 are all delayed releases that were expected in November, so although we hope that we'll see them this month we wouldn't be surprised to see them slip back again.  Fans are especially eager to get their hands on Cowboy Bebop, which is one of the most anticipated titles of the year, and the penultimate .hack://SIGN DVD is also drawing some attention.  Meanwhile the excellent Gundam boxsets (each containing two DVDs and a superb Gundam figure) and the Escaflowne sets have previously been Recommended Titles of ours, and both are on Webmaster Ric's shopping list! 

Source:  Animé-On-Line

1st December 2004

Vote for Animé in Channel 4s Forthcoming Top 100 Cartoons!

Yes! The latest of Channel 4's weekend marathons will be cartoons and a very limited selection of animé is amongst the nominations!  If you want the films you watch to actually feature then there is only thing to do and that is vote!  Cast your votes at: Channel 4 Top 100 Cartoons Nominations.  You have to nominate ten and if you want animé to feature high in the final Top 100 list then we suggest that you include all the nominated animé, which is listed below: 

Battle Of The Planets
Legend Of The Overfiend (Urotsukidoji) 
Princess Mononoke 
Spirited Away

Make animé proud! 

Source:  Neo magazine, Channel 4.com ___________________________________________________________________________

1st December 2004

IMAF Competition Deadline Extended

Further to our earlier article dated 1st November 2004, IMAF have confirmed that they have extended the deadline for their competition for Best Short Animation, Best Storyboard and Best Character to 31st December 2004.  For further information on entering please see the earlier article previously mentioned or visit www.imaf.co.uk

Source: IMAF Committee