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25th August 2010

Grand International Cosplay Ball tickets on sale

Tickets for what is seen by many as the last big event of 2010, the Grand International Cosplay Ball (GICB), are now on sale priced £18.

The GICB is a formal event held at the The Clapham Grand in London, which was originally a Victorian Theatre.  This makes it an ideal location for the event as it plays host to several stage performances as well presenting a night of ballroom dancing and partying.

Previous GICBs have always had a theme attached to them, this years being Arabian Nights.  Cosplaying isn't essential though, but there is a formal dress code so suiting up will be necessary.

The event will be held on 28th November 2010, for further information visit the website here -  and view our features on previous events by clicking the links below. 

Grand International Cosplay Ball 2009 feature
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Source: Grand International Cosplay Ball

24th August 2010

Satoshi Kon passes away

Satoshi Kon, director of works such as Paprika and Paranoia Agent, passed away on 23rd August 2010 at the age of 47. 

This is very sad news and a huge loss for the anime industry.  Kon was one of the few directors who produced a body of original work and look set to add many more works to his creative output, which included Perfect Blue amongst others. 

Rest In Peace Satoshi Kon.  Animetion hopes that his creations inspire a new generation and that his works will continue to be enjoyed around the world. 

Source: Helen McCarthy

23rd August 2010

Nausicša Blu-Ray for the UK!

Play.Com have listed a UK Blu-Ray release for Hayao Miyazaki's classic sci-fi anime Nausicša of the Valley of the Wind.  The 1984 film is only the second of Miyazaki's works to come to Blu-Ray, and its 18th of October UK release comes just three months after its Japanese release!  We really can't wait for this one...

Source: Optimum, Play.Com

22nd August 2010

Miyazaki Reveals Future Plans

Leading Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki has revealed some of his future plans in a long interview with Japanese magazine The Cut.  The Oscar-winning director intends to develop two new films over the next three years, but may pass the direction of the projects to rookie animators.  The success of these films - and latest release The Borrower Arriatty - will influence the direction Studio Ghibli will take in future, with a worst-case plan seeing anime production wound up and the studio continuing solely as a licensing entity with a skeleton staff.  If all goes well though Miyazaki hopes to develop a sequel to his 1992 classic Porco Rosso, provided studio president Toshio Suzuki lets him.  "I want to escape to "Porco Rosso: The Last Sortie".  I have all its materials." Miyazaki was quoted as saying.  "If next two films succeed and Suzuki-san lets me make it while saying, 'It cannot be helped because it's a hobby of the old man', I'm happy.  It's my hobby."  Miyazaki intends to set the film during the Spanish Civil War.

If the film is made it will be a first for Miyazaki, who has not previously made a sequel to any of his films.  The closest he has come to doing so is the animated short Mei and The Kittenbus, a spin-off from My Neighbour Totoro which is shown exclusively in the Studio Ghibli Museum in the Tokyo suburb of Mitaka.  For more details on Miyazaki's interview click here.

Source: AICN

22nd August 2010

Manga Reveal Redline Acquisition

Manga Entertainment have revealed they have licensed the highly anticipated racing anime Redline on their Twitter page.  Their post, in response to criticism of the film from a user, revealed that they would be releasing 'around May next year on DVD and Blu-Ray'.  The film is a visually spectacular sci-fi tale about a high-stakes intergalactic racing league which hot-headed driver JP dreams of topping.  Manga's revelation was not completely unexpected considering the film topped the bill of the Manga sponsored Anime Allnighter at May's Sci-Fi London Film Festival, but it's nice to get a release date.

Manga also revealed on Twitter that the bizarre Musashi - a kind of anime docu-drama about the life of the legendary samurai Musashi Miyamoto - would be released on Blu-Ray and DVD next year and would feature English voice-overs for the narrator segments.  For more information about both film's check out our Anime Allnighter film roundup.

Source: Manga's Twitter Page

22nd August 2010

Love Hina Manga Returns (Briefly)

Ken Akamatsu's romantic comedy Love Hina is to return for a one-shot manga story in the next issue of Japanese publisher Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine!  The new story will feature series leads Keitaro and Naru and will include six full colour pages.  The same issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine, which is out on 1st September, will also feature the 300th chapter of Akamatsu's current hit manga Negima! Magister Negi Magi and offer readers an exclusive Negima t-shirt.  Love Hina originally ran between 1998 and 2001 and told the story of failing university applicant Keitaro Urushima who ends up managing an all-girl's dormitory and falls for the hot-tempered tenant Naru Narusegawa.  The series was a massive international hit following its release in the West by Tokyopop, and spawned an anime series, two anime films and a handful of OVAs - all of which are available in the UK from MVM.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

22nd August 2010

Sanrio's Merchandise Machine Rolls On

Anyone who has been to the high street chain Build-A-Bear Workshop will probably have noticed that you can buy Hello Kitty plushes in there, but now the chain has expanded their Sanrio range.  Joining Kitty are fellow feline Chococat, frog Keroppi and rabbit My Melody, plus a range of clothing and accessories for them.  Check them out here.

Sanrio's assault doesn't stop there though.  This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the company, and in Japan they are going all out to celebrate with an 8 metre tall statue of Kitty and balloons of their other characters on Tokyo's Odaiba island, illuminated by a special water and light show.  They've also announced a collaboration with shoe manufacturer Dr Martens.  Terrifying...

Source: Build-A-Bear, AnimeNewsNetwork

21st August 2010

Alcon Provisional Timetable Launched

Upcoming anime convention Alcon have published their provisional timetable online, showing details of numerous panels, activities and contests.  The timetable is subject to change and some details - such as the anime screenings and games - have yet to be finalised, but it gives a good indication of what the con has to offer.  Check it out here!

Source: Alcon Facebook Page

20th August 2010

Barbican Launch Japanese Film Season

The Barbican Cinema in London has announced that it is launching a number of Japanese film seasons, covering animation and both contemporary and classic live-action cinema.  Highlights include Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon, manga adaptation Nana, tearjerker Memories of Matsuko, Takeshi Kitano's Hana-Bi, the xxxHolic and Tsubasa anime films and a rare screening of Kenji Mizoguchi's silent classic The Water Magician.  Check out the press release for full lineup details and times.

Source: Barbican

12th August 2010

Alcon Press Release

The fourth Anime League convention Alcon is coming next month, and there are a few places available if you are missing your convention fix.  Check out this press release for more info on the event!

Source: AnimeLeague

10th August 2010

Ghibli Film Adapted for Stage

The first stage adapted play of Studio Ghibli film is currently being developed in Japan. The play, which is based on Isao Takahata's Only Yesterday, story follows the tale of Taeko, am office worker who goes to visit her brother-in-law in the country.  During her time away she reminisces about her past and considers her future goals.  The play will first debut in early 2011 in Tokyo before moving around the country.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

10th August 2010

Gundam Statue Re-Erected!

A nice video has been released of the re-erected life-sized Gundam statue which is now located in Shizuoka, Japan.  The Gundam statue is the same one that was originally placed in Tokyo's Odaiba district to celebrate Gundamís 30th Anniversary.  The video features time lapsed shots of the statue throughout the day and night in its new home, and shows many of its cool features such as its moving head and flashing lights.  The video can be found here.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

16th August 2010

July News Roundup

  • FUNimation Youtube channel re-opened access to the UK for a huge number of its anime series.  Overseas access had previously been blocked, but the move allows UK viewers to watch numerous anime series for free, including Negima, Bamboo Blade, Sasami: Magical Girls Club, Hetalia Axis Powers and Ouran High School Host Club.  Not everything is available, but quite a lot of series are.

  • Beez's planned sub-only release of Durarara! was put on hold following the announcement that a English dub was being created for the series in the US.  The Beez release will now feature the English dub as well as subtitles and won't be available until February 2011 at the earliest.

  • Manga admitted that their planned Naruto Ultimate Collection box set had been cancelled, the set was due to include all 220 episodes of Naruto but the company admitted that it wasn't commercially viable.

  • Manga announced a Deluxe Collectors Edition of the Professor Layton & The Eternal Diva anime film.  Details of the contents have not been revealed but the set will retail at £49.99.

  • Release dates were announced for Bamboo Blade, Baccano!, Vampire Knight and Sengoku Basara.  Check our release schedule for further release details.

  • Veteran anime voice actor Peter Fernandez died at the age of 83 after a battle against lung cancer.  Fernandez is best known as the voice of Speed Racer, but his voice credits also include roles in Gigantor, Astro Boy, Star Blazers, Lupin III: Secret of Mamo and Marine Boy.

  • Hayao Miyazaki's Ponyo was screened in the cinema tent at Glastonbury Festival.

  • A new Fullmetal Alchemist film was announced in Japan following the end of the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood series.

  • Japanese anime studio Production IG revealed that they are involved in the upcoming live-action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell.

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