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29th April 2008

Cosmode English Edition to Be Released

As some may already know Cosmode is a magazine released in Japan that covers all elements of cosplay from conventions to 'how to' guides.  The good news is that you can now buy an online version of the magazine, which is translated into English.  At the moment there is a free sample of the magazine available at www.cosmodeonline.com, and at the end of the magazine there is even a token that offers a 10% discount on the full release on the 25th May.  Our first look at the magazine has certainly got us impressed and we'd recommend anyone interested in cosplay to take a look!

Source: Cosmode

29th April 2008

New MVM Licenses 

We added these to our release schedule a little while ago, but thought we'd better mention them here too!  MVM have announced release dates for Burst Angel Infinity and Starship Operators, which were not previously announced licences, as well as the release date for the second season of Black LagoonBurst Angel Infinity is a prequel to the Burst Angel Series, which chronicles what Jo and Meg did before they joined Bailin, whereas Starship Operators follows the crew of the Amaterasu as they battle against the forces who have conquered their home planet.  Both look to be interesting licenses that continue to cement MVM's place as the UK's leading anime distributor.

Source: MVM

28th April 2008

Out Today! 

A surprisingly packed release day today, with everyone bar Revelation on the schedules.  Beez finally finish off the releases of .hack://ROOTS and Eureka 7, MVM launch the delayed FLCL vol 1 and ADV issue a trio of titles, including the first volume of Ah! My Goddess Season 2.  However, the big one is Manga's release of Death Note vol 1, probably the biggest release of the year so far.  A special edition of the first volume is also available from high street shop Zavvi (formerly Virgin Megastore), which includes a mini statue of lead character Light Yagami.

.hack://ROOTS vol 6 (Beez)
Ah! My Goddess Season 2 vol 1 - Flights of Fancy (ADV)
Death Note vol 1 (Manga)
Death Note vol 1 Collectors Edition (Manga)
Eureka 7 vol 10 (Beez)
FLCL vol 1 (MVM)
Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd GIG - Individual 11 (Manga)
Kurau Phantom Memory vol 4 - Mirror Image (ADV)
Paniponi Dash vol 5 - Delinquent Genius (ADV)
Speed Racer Classic vol 1 (Lions Gate)

Source: Various

26th April 2008

New Genki Gear Range Unveiled! 

Japanese inspired t-shirt designers Genki Gear have sure been busy this year!  As well as designing an exclusive range for Forbidden Planet they have now produced a new range also!  The new range will be available through the Genki Gear website and at forthcoming events, such as the London MCM Expo

Click on the links below to view each product in the new range:

Robot (unisex) - £15.99

Kitty Cat (women's fitted) - £16.99

Big Guy Samurai - by guest artist Al Davison of Astral Gypsy (unisex) - £15.99

Summer Girl - by guest artist Hel Ewart (women's fitted) - £16.99

The new range will be available from 1st May on the Genki Gear website.  You can visit it by clicking here.

Source: Genki Gear

26th April 2008

Cosplay Masquerade Registration Now Open For London MCM Expo 

Cosplay masquerade registration is now open for the forthcoming London MCM Expo, which is held at the ExCeL Centre at Royal Victoria Dock. 

The masquerade at the Expo is hugely popular and registrations can fill up quickly!  To register click here

For further information on the London MCM Expo visit its entry on our Events Diary here

Source: MCM Expo

24th April 2008

Death Note Clips

 Those good people at Manga Entertainment know how much we're all looking forward to the excellent Death Note, and to whet our appetite even more they've given us a host of clips for your viewing pleasure!  Please click on the links below to watch them:

Death Note Trailer
Clip 1 - Light Finds the Death Note
Clip 2 - Light Writes in the Death Note
Clip 3 - Ryuk
Clip 4 - Ryuk Meets Light
Clip 5 - The Death Note in Action

Source: Manga Entertainment

24th April 2008

New Stuff!

 We've been beavering away at some new content recently, please click on the following links to check it out:

Alice 19th vol 1 - Manga Review
Death Note vol 1 - Anime Review
MÄR vol 1 - Manga Review
Mushishi vol 2 - Anime Review
Nana vol 2 - Manga Review
Shakugan no Shana 1 - Anime Review
Trinity Blood vol 5 - Anime Review
Trinity Blood vol 6 - Anime Review

There's also a new Editorial online, and a new competition giving you the chance to win the Bleach Season 1 Boxset, courtesy of Manga Entertainment!

Source: Us!

21st April 2008

Death Note Film Screening

 Death Note fans in Manchester rejoice!  An exclusive screening of the forthcoming live action Death Note film is being held on Monday 28th April at 7pm in Zavvi in Manchester's Arndale Centre!  The screening is a wristband only event, and wristbands are available on a first come-first served basis in-store from 9am on Saturday 26th April.  Wristbands are available only to personal callers aged 15 and over, and are limited to one per person.

The screening is being hosted by 4Digital Media, NTV and Death Note Film Partners, please check in store for further details.

Source: Zavvi

8th April 2008

New Genki Gear is here

 That ever-popular producer of manga-inspired t-shirts Genki Gear have sent Animetion images of a new limited range, only available at Forbidden Planet.  Click on the links below to view each product in this exclusive range. 

Happy Tentacles (women's fitted tee)
Panda Bomb (unisex)
Rampage (new colour, unisex)
Scarey Forest (unisex)
Strech Aubergine (women's fitted tee)

You can pick the designs at your local Forbidden Planet or buy from the website by clicking here.  Prices are £15.99 for the unisex tees and £16.99 for the women's fitted tees. 

Source: Genki Gear

3rd April 2008

Fooly Cooly View-y

 With the long awaited release of FLCL (Fooly Cooly) vol 1 due at the end of this month, MVM have provided a taster of the insanity you can expect from it!  Gainax's six-episode video series is one of the most surreal ever created, to check it out please click on the clips below:

Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4

Source: MVM

3rd April 2008

Gravitation Sensation?

 It looks like MVM have picked up the rights to the popular romantic comedy Gravitation!  The first volume of the anime series has popped up on their July release schedule, so fangirls rejoice!

Source: MVM

30th March 2008

Dream Theater Look East

Western eyes may increasingly be turning Eastwards nowadays, but we still love it when anime makes that crossover into Western media.  Leading progressive metallers Dream Theater have recruited one of Japan's biggest anime studios to make the video for their latest song, Forsaken.  The video was directed by Yasufumi Soejima, who has previously worked on leading Gonzo titles like Last Exile, Final Fantasy Unlimited and Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo.

Dream Theater based ‘Forsaken’ on Ivan Turgenev's "Phantoms" tale about an enigmatic woman who haunts a man as he travels the world.  However, instead of the original 19th century setting, the band agreed with Soejima's decision to adapt this to a futuristic sci-fi setting.  Soejima describes the video's male character as an innocent man abandoned and jailed by an "inhumane world."  The female character - detailed in the original story as "an apparition, a restless soul, an evil spirit, a sylphide, a vampire" - is "an android that was made as the toy of [an] ancient regime."

Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci said “I always knew that an animated adaptation would be the perfect avenue to colourfully illustrate this horror story.  Working with the director and choosing Japanese style anime as the artistic medium was an incredible opportunity.  From the modern interpretation to the character development, storyboards and finally the animation, it was a unique and exciting experience to be a part of.  I’m really happy to see the song come to life and I think people will enjoy this entirely new and unique perspective that was created for ‘Forsaken’.”

Watch the video online at: http://media.roadrunnerworld.com/DreamTheater/DreamTheater_Forsaken_450.wmv.

For more info on Dream Theater visit: http://www.roadrunnerrecords.co.uk/artist/Dream+Theater or www.myspace.com/dreamtheater.

The digital EP ‘Forsaken’ is out now, and is available from iTunes and other digital retailers.

Source: Roadrunner Records