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29th April 2007

Totoro Section Launched!

 Following on from the launch of our Naruto and Love Hina sections earlier this month, we've now completed a new section dedicated to Hayao Miyazaki's masterpiece My Neighbour Totoro!  The section includes an image gallery, weblinks and more info about the film than you can shake a stick at, including details of the spin-off film Mei & The Kittenbus.  To have a look click on the following link: 

My Neighbour Totoro Section

Don't forget to check out our other dedicated minisites by clicking on the 'Titles' button below our logo!

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23rd April 2007

Beck Coming to the UK?

 Online DVD retailer Play.Com have been adding a host of anime titles with no release date to their listings recently, and now the popular series Beck has popped up!  Although it is no guarantee of release (Devil Lady has been listed as 'due for release' for several years) Play.Com's recent listings have proven to be pretty accurate, and several titles listed on Play in this manner have since appeared on the official schedules of distributor Pinnacle VisionBeck follows the fortunes of Koyuki, an aimless 14-year old who joins a struggling rock band and through it begins to find a direction in life.  It's released by FUNimation in America, so it's pretty much a shoe-in for their UK subsidiary Revelation Films if and when it's released.  More news as we hear it...

Source: Play.Com

22nd April 2007

Fullmetal Alchemist film and Shadow Chronicles Release Dates!

 DVD distributor Pinnacle Vision have listed a couple more forthcoming releases for Revelation Films, and one of them is a bit of a surprise!  Popping up on the 23rd July is volume 1 of Robotech: Shadow Chronicles, the recent spin-off from the classic Robotech.  Unlike the original series, which was created in America by splicing together three unrelated anime series with a new story, Shadow Chronicles is a co-production between Japan and the US.  The reason it's a bit of a surprise to see it on Revelation's schedule is that it was widely thought that Manga Entertainment would release it, especially considering they had released the original series.  The other release is the Fullmetal Alchemist film Conqueror of Shamballa, a feature length outing that sees the Elric brothers transported to our world.  It's been highly rated in America and we can't wait to see it on it's release on 17th September!

Source: Pinnacle Vision

16th April 2007

New Beez and Revelation Announcements!

 Several new releases have been added to the pages of Beez and Revelation Films' distributor Pinnacle VisionBeez have bolstered their worryingly thin schedule with box set releases for .hack://SIGN, .hack://LEGEND OF THE TWILIGHT, Wolf's Rain and Planetes.  All of them are going to be released in two separate half-series boxsets, with the exception of .hack://LEGEND OF THE TWILIGHT which is released in a single set.  All of the sets are due out in May and June.

Listed for Revelation is the first volume of the popular 'shojo' series (see Glossary) Peach Girl, which is due out in July.  Interestingly Play.Com have also listed a September release for volume 1 of the fantasy anime Mushishi, presumably also from Revelation.  Check out our Release Schedule for more info.

Source: Pinnacle Vision, Play.Com

15th April 2007

New Sections Launched!

 We've recently completed work on two new sections dedicated to Naruto and Love Hina!  These sections aim to be a 'one stop shop' for information of the series in question, bringing together information on the anime and manga, creator and merchandise along with availability guides, weblinks and a gallery.  Click on the following links to view these sections: 

Naruto Section
Love Hina Section

...and also check out our recently revised sections for Neon Genesis Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain and 3x3 Eyes!  All of these sections and more can be found by clicking on the 'Titles' link beneath our logo at the top of the page.

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14th April 2007

One Piece Saved!

 In a surprise bit of news it has been announced that FUNimation have picked up the license for One Piece in America!  The superb pirate anime was originally licensed by 4Kids in the US, but their version was poorly received by English-speaking fans the world over because of a poor English dub and heavy editing.  4Kids eventually cut their losses in late 2006 and announced that they wouldn't be producing any more episodes, leaving the series in limbo.  However, FUNimation have announced that they will be continuing the series from episode 140 with an all new dub and far less cuts, before hopefully going back and re-dubbing the episodes already released by 4Kids.  At the moment this mainly affects the US market and it is unclear whether the UK will see this new version on DVD or TV.  Here's hoping...

Source: AnimeUKNews

12th April 2007

Naruto Invades London and Manchester!

 To celebrate the launch of Naruto Unleashed Series 2 vol 1 on 21st May, Manga Entertainment are taking over Virgin Megastores at both the Arndale Centre in Manchester and London's Oxford Street!  The focus of both simultaneous events will be a Cosplay Competition, but other attractions include live bands, giveaways and Naruto console game demo pods.  Check out the press release for more info, and get ready for some full-on ninja action!

Source: Manga Entertainment

10th April 2007

We've gone Gundam mad!

 Realising we were slightly lacking in features on one of the most popular anime franchises, we have today added a host of new features for Gundam.  Check out our features section for a look at the specialist UK retailer Gundam Mad, an all-new top five and also some new merchandise reviews. 

Also there is our excellent new competition in association with Gundam Mad where you can win Gundam model kits - competition closes on 24th April so enter soon! 

Also check out new non-Gundam reviews for Golgo 13 and vol 1 of Gun X Sword - both added today!

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4th April 2007

Trinity Blood and Ergo Proxy Coming to the UK!

 MVM's PR company have listed several MVM releases for July and August, and they include two previously unannounced titles!  First up is Trinity Blood, a gothic action horror set in a future dominated by the power struggles between the Vatican and vampires.  Drawing positive comparisons with both Hellsing and Vampire Hunter D, Trinity Blood has been a big hit in America and the first volume is due on 2nd July.  The following month sees Ergo Proxy hit the shelves, another gothic actioner that boasts superb visuals and has Radiohead's Paranoid Android as a closing theme!  Another popular series in the US, Ergo Proxy boasts the kind of futuristic gothic cool that has made Gilgamesh such a hit, and it should prove to be one here when the first volume comes out on the 6th August.  Other releases listed for July and August include boxsets for Gungrave and Gantz, as well as the continuation of series like Saiyuki Reload, Basilisk and Ah! My Goddess.  See or release schedule for full listings, MVM weren't kidding when they said they had a strong lineup for 2007!

Source: MVM

4th April 2007

Solid State Society Confirmed!

 We reported it when it cropped up on Play.Com last month, but Manga Entertainment have confirmed the acquisition and release of the first Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex film, Solid State Society!  The film is set after the events of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG and pits our favourite superhuman government cyborgs against another mysterious opponent.  The film is due out on the 2nd July, click here to see the cover image!

Source: Manga Entertainment

4th April 2007

Kiki's Delivery Service Makes Terrestrial Debut!

 Following on from their screening of My Neighbour Totoro a month or so ago, Channel 4 is going to be showing Kiki's Delivery Service this Saturday at 1pm.  The film is going to be shown dubbed in English.  We really hope this is a sign of things to come for Channel 4 after the successful screenings of the Studio Ghibli back-catalogue on Film4, and it's great to see a quality film on telly during the Easter weekend!  Cheers to TokyoToys forum poster NeoBlade for the news!

Source: TokyoToys

20th March 2007

ADV Press Releases

ADV Films have sent us a multitude of press releases covering their Quarter 2 releases!  A pretty packed schedule is on the way, with old favourites rubbing shoulders with brand new titles and a few unreleased gems.  Check out the following for more info:

2nd April 2007

Coyote Ragtime Show vol 1 - Fox Trot
Hellsing: The Collection

16th April 2007

Jinki:Extend 02
Samurai Gun vol 4 - The Bitter End
Yugo the Negotiator: Russia 2 - Rebirth

7th May 2007

Cosplay Complex
Le Chevalier D'Eon vol 1 - Psalm of Vengeance
Samurai X: The Complete Collection

21st May 2007

Gilgamesh vol 7
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World vol 2 - Eye of the Beholder

4th June 2007

Coyote Ragtime Show vol 2 - Cliffhanger
Guyver: The Bioboosted Armour vol 1 - Days of Future Past
Kekko Kamen

18th June 2007

Jinki:Extend 03
New Fist of the North Star: The Complete Collection

Source: ADV Films