Below are listed Websites specific to Naruto.

Have you got a Naruto site? If so let us know the address and a brief description to be added to our list!!

Naruto Unleashed - Manga Entertainment's official mini-site for Naruto, contains an online game plus release & story info.

Viz Media: Naruto - Official US Naruto website from Viz Media, contains release news, wallpapers and manga & anime info.

Naruto Fever - A refreshingly different Naruto fansite which focuses on games, personality tests and cultural info.

Naruto Central - A huge fansite featuring tonnes of info on every aspect of the show, as well as galleries and icons.

NarutoFan - a comprehensive Naruto fansite, containing various guides and technique lists plus galleries and forums.

Naruto-Kun - Another impressive fansite which boasts a huge readership.  Contains guides, links and galleries.

Naruto World - A fansite packed with info and guides.  Contains a lot of spoilers but also some detailed analysis.

Naruto HQ - Another decent fansite chock full of guides, scans and media.

Naruto-Arena.Com - A web-based multiplayer Naruto game.


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