Title:  FLCL

Creator:  Yoji Enokido & Gainax

Year:  2000

Manga Incarnations:

FLCL - 2 Volumes (Tokyopop)

Anime Incarnations:

FLCL - 6 Episode Series (MVM)

Computer Game Incarnations:


Naota Nandaba lives what he believes to be a boring, normal life in the town of Mabase, a town with a skyline dominated by the mysterious Medical Machina factory.  His brother has gone to America to play baseball, leaving his girlfriend Mamimi Samejima to turn her inappropriate affections to Naota.  However the arrival of the Vespa-riding Haruka Haruhara changes everything.  After she hits him with her bass guitar he starts to grow strange horns and robots start to burst from his head!  Now sharing a house with a robot and his assailant, Naota's life has become a lot more complicated, and if that wasn't bad enough the robots keep coming...

Haruka Haruhara

Random Trivia:

1.  FLCL is written by Yoji Inokido, who also wrote Revolutionary Girl Utena and Ouran High School Host Club.

2.  FLCL is often written phonetically in English as Fooly Cooly, as in Japanese each letter is a syllable.  The pronunciation is 'Fu-Li-Ku-Li'.

3.  UK distributor MVM admitted at the MCM London Expo in 2007 that they had been offered the opportunity to license FLCL and had turned it down.  They later changed their mind and released the series in 2008.

4.  FLCL was never shown on television in Japan, where it was a straight to video release.  However, it was shown on television in America where it enjoyed some of the highest ratings on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

5.  The guitar carried by Haruko in the series is a Rickenbacker 4001 Bass, whereas Naota has a Gibson Flying V. 

6.  The manga version of FLCL has been criticised for its scrappy art style and much darker interpretations of the original story.

7.  In Japan the anime series was released on six full-priced DVDs, each containing a single 25 minute episode.  All of the Japanese releases apart from volume 1 contained English subtitles.

8.  The Vespa-riding Haruka Haruhara is left-handed, and her bass guitar is a left-handed model.

9.  Leading anime director Hideaki Anno (Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gunbuster) has an uncredited role providing the 'voice' for the cat Miyu Miyu.

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