Also Known As:
Fooly Cooly
Furi Kuri

Kazuya Tsurumaki


FLCL - 25 min x6 Episodes

Available in the UK?

Highest Certificate:  15 (vol 1)

Other Info: 
The FLCL series is available on DVD in the UK (Region 2, PAL) from MVM.  There are three volumes, each containing two episodes.  A boxset containing all three volumes has been released in the US by Synch Point (Region 1, NTSC), and in Australia (Region 4, NTSC).  The individual volumes are also available in both countries.  The Japanese release of FLCL contained English subtitles on every volume except volume 1, however, the series was released on six volumes in Japan, each containing just one episode.

Naota Nandaba


DVD Extras:
English dub, Japanese dub, English subtitles, Clean Opening and Ending sequences, character profiles, director commentary, Japanese promos, Japanese ending sequences, Music video, trailers.

Availability & Price:
Two of the three volumes of the anime are currently available in the UK from MVM, and the third volume is due to be released in August 2008.  Each volume has an RRP of 15.99, but can be bought cheaper online from retailers such as Play.Com and Anime-On-Line.  High street shops like HMV and Zavvi will also stock them, but unless there's a sale on expect to pay full price for them.

The US boxset is not that easy to come by, but the Australian one is quite readily available.  Expect to pay about 45 from websites such as PlayUSA and DVD Pacific (US release) or Madman (Australian release).  The US and Australian releases of the individual volumes however are now very rare and can generally only be picked up second hand. 

The Japanese release can be picked up from various Japanese retailers including YesAsia, CD Japan and Amazon Japan.  However, the Japanese release is over six volumes and each costs around 25, plus the first volume doesn't carry English subtitles so we'd recommend sticking to the UK, US or Australian release.

It is worth noting as always that goods with a value higher than 18 imported from outside the EU are liable for a Customs and VAT charge when reaching the UK, which usually comprises the VAT of 17.5% on the entire parcel value plus a handling charge of around 8.  These charges are levied randomly which means you sometimes avoid them and sometimes not, but if you wish to take the risk good places to look include.

IMPORTANT!  The popularity of FLCL and the low episode count per DVD has made it a prime target for piracy.  To avoid being ripped off with a low quality pirated copy we highly recommend looking at Digital Anime's indispensable Piracy FAQ, and always remember to take special care when buying from Auction websites.