Following this impressive performance we made our second mistake of the day, we decided to go to one of the other theatres, and this time we saw a show featuring a character called Cinnamon.

Now, we should have guessed from the picture that this show was aimed at younger children than Hello Kitty, but we didn't.  Cinnamon featured a group of strange bear type characters with cups on their head, ably supported by a cast of dancing girls.  Thank god for the dancing girls, there is only so long you would be able to watch a bear with a cup of espresso on it's head dance, but thanks to the stunning dancers it was worth staying.

Staggering from this we stumbled across another theatre, boldly called 'The Time Machine of Dreams'.  It proclaimed itself to be a 4D experience, which basically meant 3D glasses and a moving seat.  This sounds a bit crap I know, but actually it wasn't.  The theatre itself was fitted out like a spacecraft and before long it whisked you to a 3D CGI episode of SD Gundam!  Yes, you could watch Gundam in the Sanrio theme park, and moreover the 3D glasses put you right into the action, we only wish that we could understand Japanese...

By this time of course not only were we getting quite knackered but it was also nearing the park's closing time.  We had caught the last show in the 4D theatre and after that it was a race against time to reach attractions before they closed.  Unfortunately we were too late to enjoy the wonders of the Charmey Kitty exhibition and cafe, whilst we 4D theatre showing had clashed with the last in the Fairyland TheatreHello Kitty's home - where you could get a photo with Kitty herself - had also closed by the time we got there, although in hindsight this was probably for the best.

Have a bit of spare cash?  Then you too can have a silhouette of your profile manually cut out and mounted in a frame opposite that of Hello Kitty!  Yes, like Webmaster Tom you can stare down Kitty for all eternity, superb!

With most of the attractions closed we were left to play on the massed Sanrio themed prize machines, and enjoy the small shop that was on the first floor.  However, after buying a few bits and bobs we ventured downstairs once more and found something new, a Sanrio Superstore.

This new shop was the true Mecca of Kitty, the other characters were here too, but Kitty reigned supreme.  It was a riot of pink and white, with Kitty gracing as diverse goods as towels to electrical appliances.  You want a Hello Kitty toilet seat cover?  It's here.  A Hello Kitty chess set?  Here too.  Jewellery, stationary, clothing, tableware, bedding, toiletries...  there was even Hello Kitty branded water, pretty much anything you could think of was here in pink and white.

 It was a shame we got to Sanrio Puroland late in the day, as we seem to have missed some of the more interesting aspects.  The Hello Kitty characters that were supposed to wander around and greet you must have finished for the day, and the mysteriously titled 'Legend of Goal' attraction was closed for refurbishment.  However, what we did see was certainly entertaining, if more than a little disturbing for an adult.  The whole thing was less cynically commercial than we expected, and there was plenty here for children to enjoy.  As an experience Sanrio Puroland is probably something any visitor to Tokyo should consider, but the cuteness will test the will of the most hard-hearted.  Be prepared.