2005 Anime Preview by Rich (Webmaster)

2004 proved to be the best year for anime in the UK since the halcyon days of the early '90's.  In the space of one year we have seen the amount of domestic anime DVDs available more than double, and whilst ADV Films and MVM slug it out for the title of the most prolific anime distributor, Beez and Manga Entertainment have re-established themselves in the UK market and several other distributors have been releasing anime goodness.

So what does 2005 have in store for us?  Can it top 2004?  Well read on to find out.  We have written sections for several companies who are likely to be active in the UK next year, detailing their activity in 2004 and looking forward to the year ahead.  Please click on the company names below to view!!

The UK's current biggest anime distributor!!

ADV's main challenger for the the title of biggest UK anime distributor

Former market leader, trying to reclaim its crown...

Erratic French based European subsidiary of Bandai

A late entrant into the anime market, but becoming a major player

A surprise entrant into the anime market following a quiet 2004

A big company with a couple of decent anime titles up its sleeve

Other companies worth keeping an eye on for anime releases!

The UK releases we are most itching to see next year!!

Fuuka & Yotsuba, Yotsubato! (ADV Manga)