'My expectations were very high.  Many attendees of the previous Ayacon (2005) would speak of it in a near-orgasmic state and that it was the best convention EVER.  No pressure then. 

After the event I felt I can understand why many said it was the best ever, as it was very well organised.  Events actually ran on time, there was a huge variety of activities throughout the weekend and facilities were not only the best I have ever seen, but the

organisers also made full use of them.  The committee were also very approachable and did nothing to shake my confidence in their ability to run the event. 

I enjoyed Ayacon hugely, particularly the variety of events which contained a little something for not only anime fans, but also of other areas of Japanese culture. 

There was little to fault Ayacon on.  My only disappointment came from the lack of Western music at the parties, as although I like some Japanese music, I don't like it enough to listen to three nights worth of it.  As mentioned in the feature though there was alternatives to the parties so this is a very minor niggle.  It no way shakes my opinion that Ayacon was a top-class event and definitely one of the best I have been to.'

'Overall, I enjoyed the weekend a great deal.  It offered a great variety of activities from cosplay workshops to parties etc.  The event
was a great chance to catch up with old friends and make new friends at the same time.  The facilities available were simply the best I
have ever seen at a convention as it was comfortable, spacious and met all the demands of the con goers.  The convention was also well organised with most of the events I attended starting on time.  The only section of the event which I believed needed improvement was the on site food available which was limited in choice if you did not know the area well.'


'I was really impressed with Ayacon.  Despite a few niggles here and there, things generally ran smoothly without delay (which is a shock in itself) and, aside from the most popular of panels and events (such as the pub quiz), there was always space to sit down and rest your feet, which is always a plus at a convention.

A nice touch was the fact that there was actual seating for the big events of the con, such as the opening and closing ceremony, as opposed to the other conventions where you either

have to stand around the room or sit down in line.  Sitting on the floor feels slightly reminiscent of when I was a school-boy.

While I enjoyed the panels and events that I went to, there was a lot of time between events where I found myself with little to do, as there wasnít much to do outside of the panels or anime screenings.   This was usually countered, however, by the fact there was always other people wandering around for you to chat to or get pictures of.

My only true disappointment though, did not come from the con itself.  It cam from the on-site accommodation cleaning staff, who were generally ignorant and rude to people staying in the dorms.  They would just barge into your room barely few seconds after knocking, not even giving you a chance to say 'Just a minute' or 'Wait, Iím getting changed!''