The final day of Amecon yet again begins early with a 10am start for most events.  Animetion started their day attending the Cosplay Fever panel.  For those who don't know, Cosplay Fever is a book dedicated to showing off the UK cosplay scene.  The panel itself went into great detail on how the pair started up and produced their first book that was published in October of last year.  It was really interesting and funny to hear their stories and mishaps along the way of producing the first book. While there we were also allowed to see some of the first images from the next book Cosplay Fever Red, including the front cover shots.  At the same there was a panel for those who wish to crossplay.  Tab Kimpton, a.k.a. KhaosKreator, was holding a panel on how to do male to female and female to male cosplay. 

After the morning panels, followed the omake, one of the big events of any convention.  As with any of the major events though during the weekend, it was delayed by around thirty minutes.  However, yet again it was worth the wait with many great short performances from cabaret, to singing to dancing to comedy stand-up.  As always special mention goes out to Team Giblets who teased you throughout the omake with video clips of their police spoof of Subs and Dubs.  The omake then ended with the video of when the two police officers have to work together.

After the omake was the Kanzashi workshop. 

Kanzashi is the traditional head pieces worn by trainee Geisha, called Maiko.  This panel explained how Maiko, who are less experienced in entertaining, are decorated in Kanzashi to make up for the experience they lack.  The presenter had lots of examples of Kanzashi to show the audience from each of the four seasons.  Finally at the end of the panel, there was an opportunity for the audience to have a go at making the hair ornaments themselves.

Following this was the closing ceremony, which made announcements about cosplay prizes and how the charity had made over 3,000 over the weekend.  There were a number of announcements from fellow convention committees who have events in 2011 including; Kitacon, Tokonatsu and finally Ayacon.  The latter, another large convention (1,000+ attendees), which runs on opposite years to Amecon, advertised itself in style with a comedy skit by Team Giblets.

The finale of the weekend though was the Cosplay Ball/End of Con party.  This is a firm favourite amongst the Animetion crew and we are pleased to say that it did not fail to disappoint this year either.  Upon arrival we were presented with a free glass of wine and there were a variety of snacks available to eat.  On the stage we were entertained by the lovely ChocoCat who was singing a variety of slow songs to dance to.  As the night progressed the music changed from slow to cheesy tunes to see the weekend off in style.

Overall, Amecon was a great event to attend.  There was a huge variety of events to go to; so many that we could not cover them all.  Furthermore, the event keeps on trying to keep itself new with events such as the Takarasuka Revue, video games and Expo Panels.  This along with integrating technology such as Twitter into the event keeps the convention from becoming tired.  Keele University was a step up from the Leicester campus in terms of accommodation and facilities on offer.  The only thing that let it down was the number of delays at the major events of the weekend, but that is only a minor niggle that did not stop Animetion from having a great weekend!