If you attended any of the MCM Expos last year then you may have noticed a new stall in the form of Genki Gear.  Running since January 2006, Genki Gear a husband and wife who produce a wide range of Japanese-influenced t-shirt designs that have proved a hit at the Expo.  Their style is inspired from all areas of Japanese culture (as you will see in our interview and gallery) and, combined with their sense of humour, has been the reason for their success.  The extensive range of Genki is very diverse also, offering fun designs for all ages since their work covers everything from gaming to Mount Fuji.  Because of this anyone with just a tiny amount of knowledge on Japanese culture can recognise something in Genki's range. 

In this feature we will look at their latest work, showcase their designs in a gallery and also talk to Lydia English, co-founder of Genki Gear



Not long before writing this feature, both Genki Gear and TokyoToys informed us that they have recently completed a co-project.  Two new designs featuring the TokyoToys mascot Coco are now available on Genki Gear's website and will also be available to buy on the TokyoToys stall at the next MCM London Expo in May 2007. 

(click for larger image)

Phil at Genki Gear was delighted to have the chance to show his own humour and twist on what has become a very recognisable figure.  In addition Phil had longed to do a “Tabloid Magazine” as though from the world of anime and knew that the Coco design would be very easy to adapt into his own designs.  Not only did Coco seemed to fit into this concept really well, but the sense of humour and fun between the two companies is very similar and nothing shows it off better then the above designs.