The quieter second day of the Expo produced a better day for cosplaying.  Gone was the jostling and high tensions of the first day of people desperate to get a bargain, in was laidback fans more willing to share the passion with others rather then beat them to the nearest bargain.  The second day also saw a huge increase in cosplay caps which meant everyone was cosplaying!  Below is a picture of one of the TokyoToys staff sporting one of these caps showing how it is done! 

The huge amount of Naruto headbands wore on both days also proved that everyone was cosplaying in some way or another.  People sporting cosplay headgear had increased massively since the last Expo, let us hope it increases again at the next one! 


This young chap we met highlighted that it is not how you make it, but how you wear it that counts.  Not all cosplay outfits take months to make, indeed many are made from household items such as cardboard, and clothes purchased from high-street shops.  Cosplaying as Wolfwood from Trigun, you can see that all he needed was a shirt, suit and the skills to make Wolfwood's cross out of cardboard.  As the outfit was a standard shirt and suit, he could concentrate all his efforts into replicating the cross.  The result was one of the best cosplays we have seen and that is saying something considering Wolfwood's popularity with cosplayers.  We forgot to take the name of this guy (sorry!) so, if you are reading and want to be credited, please e-mail us by clicking here


This cosplayer is the crazy Mechazawa from Cromartie High School and again shows how effective cardboard can be.  The suit is made from a combination of cardboard, foil, plastic bags and simple material you can buy from any textile shop.  It could have been a disaster but instead was the best cosplay at the Expo, as well as the funniest.  Again we didn't take this person's name (d'oh!) so if you want to be credited please e-mail us here


The second day also saw us attending The Cosplay Masquerade, a competition where the cosplayers get to be on the main stage for a chance to win a prize!  All the cosplayers featured were excellent and the competition was a great way to end the day.  Below is our favourite cosplay of the masquerade, a couple cosplaying as Kaiba and Blue-Eyes White Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Not all the cosplayers of the day featured in the masquerade though as you have to enter before the Expo.  To enter the Masquerade at the October 2006 Expo visit the official MCM Expo website by clicking here