My Neighbour Totoro
Mei & The Kittenbus

Hayao Miyazaki

Current Distributor:
Optimum Asia (My Neighbour Totoro)
None (Unlicensed - Mei & The Kittenbus)

86mins (My Neighbour Totoro)
13mins (Mei & The Kittenbus)

Available in the UK?
Yes (DVD - My Neighbour Totoro)
No (Mei & The Kittenbus)

Certificate:  PG (My Neighbour Totoro)


Other Info:

The film is available on DVD in the UK (PAL, Region 2, rated PG) courtesy of Optimum Asia, and is also available in the US.  It was originally released in the US by 20th Century Fox with an English dub produced by Robotech creator Carl Macek's Streamline Pictures, this version is now deleted as the rights have transferred to Buena Vista, who recorded a new dub.  The UK release contains the newer Buena Vista dub, but if you want to hear the original it is included on the Japanese DVD release (NTSC, Region 2).

Mei & The Kittenbus is a 13 minute short film that Hayao Miyazaki created as an exhibit for the Studio Ghibli Museum in Tokyo.  It is the closest thing Miyazaki has done to a sequel for any of his films but has yet to be shown outside the Museum's Saturn Theatre, and is unavailable on DVD.  The films shown in the theatre change periodically and it's hard to predict which will be shown, it is also in Japanese with no subtitles.

DVD Extras (UK release):
New English dub, Japanese dub, English subtitles, English Hard-of-Hearing subtitles, Complete storyboards, clean opening and ending sequences, Original Japanese trailers, Ghibli Collection trailer.

DVD Extras (20th Century Fox US release):
Old English dub.

DVD Extras (Japanese release):
Old English dub, Japanese dub, English subtitles, Japanese subtitles, clean opening and ending sequences, 'Ghibli Collection' trailer, Ghibli trailer reel, My Neighbour Totoro/Grave of the Fireflies trailer reel, Complete storyboards, 'Ghibli Museum' documentary feature.

Availability & Price:

My Neighbour Totoro has been released in the UK, US and Japan on DVD.  The UK version was released by Optimum Asia as part of their Studio Ghibli Collection and is widely available from most DVD retailers, expect to pay 10-16.

The Japanese version is worth a look for purists looking for the original English dub and great extras (unfortunately unsubtitled), but you will have to have deep pockets - it costs around 25-35 from specialist retailers such as YesAsia and Otaku UK.

Mei & The Kittenbus is unavailable on DVD and can only be seen in the Studio Ghibli Museum in the Tokyo suburb of Mitaka.  The handful of short films shown in the Museum's cinema are cycled, but only one film is shown at any one time.  This means it is very difficult to predict whether Mei & The Kittenbus will be showing if you visit.  However, if you are going to Japan and you want to visit the Museum you will need to buy an admission voucher in advance from MyBus UK, a Japanese tour company who are the official ticket outlet for the UK.  You can buy vouchers up to three months in advance and you must specify the date you will visit and provide your address, date of birth, name and passport number.  Expect to pay around 5 (plus 3.50 booking fee) for a voucher.  For more info just drop them an email on the address given on their website.