Sunshine Bully

UK Distributor: Sweatdrop Studios

Author: Laura Watton

Suggested Retail Price (SRP): 1

Number of Pages: 20  

ISBN: n/a

Reviewed: 19th June 2006

Reviewer: Tom (Webmaster)

Part of the Sweatdrop Studios range of short mangas, Sunshine Bully is, unusually for a title of its length, a serious tale of a relationship gone wrong rather then the usual short snappy comedies associated with stories of this length. 

A story of reflection, Sunshine Bully tells the tale of the protagonist Amanda's brief relationship with Shiro and the beginning and end of their love.  Told straight, this is an ambitious subject matter to tackle in just twenty pages and yet Watton manages to pull this off by leaving the story up to interpretation by the reader.  Watton does this by showing not why the relationship ended but does show that it was Amanda's fault and shows her regret at the end.  Please do not treat this as a plot spoiler as the manga is told in the past tense at the start and opens with the quote ''cause you don't know what've got 'til it's gone'. 

Sunshine Bully certainly surprised me, as what I expected it to be a cheap below par read was actually an above average thoughtful read which could be read again and again.  It is great to read whenever you need to put a relationship into perspective as it will remind you that love can end just as quickly as it begins and it does not lose this message no matter how many times you read it.  The artwork is also impressive throughout, with bold lines and emotions excellently conveyed.  Love, laughter, despair, anger, surprise and many more emotions are instantly recognisable in the characters, an important aspect to a short manga as the artist does not have the pages to develop character.  Watton succeeds in capturing the characters perfectly, make the reader feel for them and leave the reader thinking after they have finished reading - a remarkable feat obtained in just twenty pages. 


Just some information about Sweatdrop Studios in the back, but for just 1 owning a quality manga is enough! 

Sunshine Bully can be purchased by visiting the official Sweatdrop Studios site by clicking here.


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