Studio Ghibli Songs

Performed by: Various

Distributor: Studio Ghibli Records

Original Japanese Price: 3,059

Suggested Import Price (SRP):

Reviewer: Tom (Webmaster)

If you have ever seen any film by Studio Ghibli then you have undoubtedly had the music stuck in your head for hours after watching the film.  Often this could be seen as a bad thing as the music could potentially become annoying, but this is thankfully something which I have never found with any film by Studio Ghibli and Studio Ghibli Songs compiles the main themes from every film on one CD. 

Opening with the gentle pop theme to
Nausicaš and closing with the haunting theme to Princess Mononoke, Studio Ghibli Songs contains a wide range of genres throughout it's 16 tracks which each represent exactly what makes Ghibli films so memorable.  Fun, drama, comedy and relaxation are themes which come up time again whilst listening to this collection, and yet each track manages to remain uniquely individual. 

Highlights of this compilation include the catchy theme to My Neighbour Totoro, the gentle Japanese rendition of the country classic Country Roads, the poignant theme to Grave Of The Fireflies (There's No Place Like Home) and the beautiful theme to Only Yesterday.  Also included is the excellent pop ballad On Your Mark, a theme to which Hayao Miyazaki created the animated music video for, as well as the catchy themes to Kiki's Delivery Service and Laputa

Overall Studio Ghibli Songs is a CD which will raise mixed emotions every time you listen, just like watching a film by said studio.  It is graceful, childish and grown-up all at the same time which makes it a unique purchase and a unique compilation. 


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