Nishiki Roppanmatsu Story Image Figure

Product Type:  Display figure

Manufacturer: Yamato

Suggested Retail Price: 28.99

Purchased from: TokyoToys.com

Rarity:  Common

Reviewer:  Tom (Webmaster)

Anyone who has seen Excel Saga will know how insane it is and will know that it only gets more insane once Roppanmatsu shows up.  This mad robot girl is pure off-the-wall cool and this figure is easily one of the best available. 

For just under 30 this figure is a bargain when you consider the level of detail which has gone into it.  Very sharp detail and perfectly structured round curves capture the mad personality of the character brilliantly and adding the ever-unfortunate Menchi is a great touch.  The detailing of Menchi is equal to that of the main figure, it's despairing look contrasting excellently to Roppanmatsu's and make this figure even more cute.  Most figures in this price do not tend to have so much happening in one pose and yet, with the pairing of Roppanmatsu and Menchi, there is lots to look at at once. 

But it isn't just the pairing which make this figure stand out as the colours are very well realised also.  The shades of blue, pink and white, when added together with the detail, make this one of the best realised figures available.  Everything about the character and the show - insanity, fun, comedy, randomness and the ever suffering Menchi - are summed up in one pose. 

Click pic for close-up pic!


Roppanmatsu's wings are detachable, which means that you can display the figure in a smaller space if necessary.  Detaching the wings takes something away from the figure though. 

The box itself contains no leaflets of any kind but does contain a cool monochrome image of Roppanmatsu that is worth keeping the box for.  The back of the box also contains images of a range of Excel Saga figures available. 



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