Peach Girl Emery Board

Product Type:  Promotional Item

Manufacturer:  FUNimation

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  Free

Purchased from:  MCM London Expo

Rarity:  Rare

Reviewer:  Rich (Webmaster)


The MCM London Expo is probably the best place in the UK to pick up hordes of anime merchandise, and with all of the UK anime distributors in attendance you can sometimes pick up a few promotional freebies too.  This is one of them. 

Revelation Films did originally push their FUNimation licenses quite heavily when they first got them and a host of free stuff was available on their Expo stall.  Most of the items were postcards and posters, but there were a few more unusual bits and bobs like this Peach Girl Emery Board.  I must say fair play to FUNimation for not only using something practical to promote the popular romantic drama series, but also making a bit of merchandise that considers the content of the series.  Too often do you get Neon Genesis Evangelion bath salts, or My Neighbour Totoro ear pickers or even Death Note biscuits, all no doubt good

 items in their own right but ones that have little relation to the anime whose image they bear.  But this time a series about a girl who tans easily trying to shake the negative image that gives her and find love gets a promotional freebie that's a simple beauty product.

It's somewhat fitting, and goes nicely with the special edition volume 1 DVD of the anime which comes in a Peach Girl makeup bag.  The board itself is pretty much a standard emery board, which is about the same size and shape as a lollypop stick with one side covered with the standard orangey-red abrasive surface that is perfect for shaping your fingernails.  The other side of the board is white and features the Peach Girl logo and web address in pink.  Like most emery boards this one is designed as a disposable item and continual use will wear out the rough filing surface, but you will get a fair few uses out of it before it hits this point.  It is also effective, outperforming even a metal nailfile for at least the first few uses.

The Peach Girl Emery Board is a superb piece of marketing and far more useful and memorable than most promotional freebies.  It's great to see someone paying attention to the content of a series when creating merchandise for it, rather than just sticking the branding on any old tat (Gainax and Sanrio, I'm looking at you...).  Yes, it's a throwaway item, but as a freebie it's damn good and well worth picking up if you see them on the Revelation stall.  If only other companies would make practical promotional items like this!


It's double sided, with even the printed side usable as a nail file.  However, this is standard for emery boards.


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